Adam Milstein Sits Down With Ideamensch To Discuss His Views

Adam Milstein is a brilliant individual and someone who’s been highly influential in the Jewish communities of America, in fact so much so that he even made the Top 50 list in the Jerusalem Post for 2016. He also sat down for an interview with Ideamensch, a business blog that interviews many entrepreneurs and businessmen.

According to Milstein, he never knows what to expect his days to look like, but believes more structure is accumulated as a business matures, and believes philanthropy adds to his structure. He also believes the best way to solve a problem is to understand it and contemplate the issue on his own. And the person who has influenced him the most is his partner, David Hager who he manages his real estate brokerage firm with. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Adam Milstein is originally from Israel, the son of a building framer and homemaker and the oldest of three sons. Adam has quite an extensive background in real estate having learned the building construction trade from his father and received a bachelor’s degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology.

Prior to receiving his bachelor’s degree, he served in Israel’s armed services under then Commander Ariel Sharon in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. He married Gila Elgrably not long after returning.

According to Business Wire, after spending several years working various building projects with his father, Adam Milstein decided it was time to further his education and get an MBA from the University of Southern California.

While Adam Milstein saw many talent recruiters on campus during this time, he felt few of them cared about his resume and experience and would shortchange him on salary. So he decided he needed to start his own real estate business and investing in properties, so he and David Hager partnered together to form Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam and Gila later founded the Milstein Foundation to support and become involved with Jewish communities around the US and the world. They also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a program for teaching Jewish families the Hebrew language.

Adam is also the Chairman and board member of several organizations including Birthright Israel, the Israeli-American Council (IAC), StandWithUs and Hasbara Fellowships.

Securus Technologies Makes Christmas Special For Correction Inmates

The corrections market has grown tremendously over the past decade. As the market continues to grow, the need for providing technology related products and services has increased accordingly. One of the technology needs that many correction facilities have in the corrections market is communications. There are literally thousands of inmates in corrections facilities across the country who want to call family and friends.


For the technology related communication products and services that are needed by inmates, there are a variety of technology solutions. Many inmates use phones that are designed to allow inmates to call family and friends. The phones are configured to provide a cost for the calls and track the usage time. Many of these types of phones come prepaid so that the inmates know exactly how much time is allowed on the phones,


While these types of phones provide inmates with the ability to call and talk to family, there are times when inmates want to see family. Since the inmates are in a correction facility, it is not possible for the inmates to leave to go visit family, so the family must come to visit the inmates. This is not something that can be done on a regular basis for a variety of reasons, but an occasionally visit is done by many families.


During holidays, there are a lot of inmates who want to actually see family. At holiday time, seeing family is special. In particular, Christmas is a time that many inmates want to be close to family. Normal phone calls do not provide the closeness that inmate’s desire. As an option, Securus Technologies is providing inmates the use of its video visitation technology.


The technology allows inmates to communicate with family using video and audio. This gives inmates the chance to see and talk to family in real time. It is close to a real life face to face conversation. The technology will give inmates the chance to share in the Christmas experience with family and friends this year.


I think that the video visitation technology provided by Securus technologies is a great way for inmates to see and talk to family during this Christmas holiday season. Inmates have the chance to actually see what is happening during Christmas. From the Christmas tree to the family opening presents, inmates can experience the joy of Christmas.


Securus in Technologies is a technology company that offers an array of technology products and services. The company serves various public safety related markets.



The Latest News In Broadcasting Is Out Of This World

The world of broadcasting, and podcasts, is a wide open world that millions of people enjoy every day around the globe. There are literally thousands of radio shows and internet podcasts for people to listen to. Recently, published an article about the latest podcast that is quite literally out of this world.


The article was published on the website on December 19, 2016. The title of the article is, “PodCastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Announces Launch of “Beyond The Darkness”, Newest Jericho Network Program. The article briefly discussed Pattiz’ career in the broadcasting industry. It also lists details of the types of subject material listeners can expect to hear on the Monday night podcasts. The podcasts will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Denni. They will include a series of interviews, stories, experiences, and all matters related to the paranormal.


New and innovative radio and internet talk shows are not new territory for Norman Pattiz. In fact, Mr. Pattiz has spent his entire career in the broadcasting industry. His first broadcasting company, Westwood One, was founded in 1974. In the last 40 years, Westwood One has became the largest broadcasting company in the United States. Westwood One has in fact owned or managed the majority of the major networks at one time of another. These networks include NBC radio network, CBS news, CNN radio, and NFL Football to name a few. In addition to Westwood One and PodCastOne, Mr. Pattiz also created the Cartside Entertainment Group.


The broadcasting industry has not been the only area of interest in Norman Pattiz’ life. He has also held several other positions as well. Mr. Pattiz served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America in the 1990s. He has also served as Regent of the University of California. Mr. Pattiz is also Chairman for several boards including the Los Alamos National Securities Laboratories. He is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and The Pacific Council of International Relations.


The latest podcast show is certainly to be the most out of this world project yet. However, with Pattiz’ forty plus years of success in the broadcasting industry there is no doubt this new show will also be a hit. The show, “Beyond The Darkness”, will be available on Monday nights. It will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, two very well known individuals in the paranormal world.

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Mike Heiligenstein and CTRMA are Preparing Austin for the Future

Transit experts recently converged at the Williamson County Growth Summit to discuss issues related to the county’s transportation infrastructure. The main topic discussed by the panel of experts Technology and how it would affect transportation. The group included the Executive Director of CTRMA by the name Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kopser, Jared Ficklin, and Leandre Johns who worked for Uber in its external affairs department in Texas.


Heiligenstein emphasized the need to construct smarter roads that would leverage technology and provide a better experience for motorists. The area would also need more roads to cater to the rising population in the area. Jared Ficklin is a product designer. He brought to the attention of the people present the need to reform building codes to cater for parking spaces that would be used by the driverless cars.


Heiligenstein was a public official who served the people of Williamson County for more than 20 years. Heiligenstein has been at CTRMA since it was started. Mike Heiligenstein also acts as the President of the International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). Mike is a member of the advisory board of the Transportation Institute at Texas A&M. CTRMA has undertaken some projects and has delivered on them under Heiligenstein’s leadership. He has ensured that the people’s problems are solved. CTRMA builds mobility solutions. It has developed some tolling roads in various areas. The 183A that they developed uses cashless and electronic toll collection that was the first one in the country to have this system. The Express Lanes that are developing will use variable tolling to prevent the occurrence of bottlenecks and facilitate traffic flow.


CTRMA has collaborated with Carma. Carma is a carpooling app that increases the number of people who share rides in the area. There are close to a million empty seats each day according to statistics and this a high number by any standards. This figure will have to decrease if the city is to experience any decongestion. The Urban Mobility Scorecard by the transportation institute at Texas A&M advised that people should try to walk and cycle more often. CTRMA considered this when they were building 183A which has dedicated paths for cyclists and pedestrians. It has put up Shared Use Paths along their projects where possible. CTRMA observed that congestion along the roads was caused by vehicles that broke down and so it would obstruct other motorists. The organization in conjunction with the Metropolitan Planning Organization provides free roadside assistance to vehicles with minor problems. This ensures that issues are sorted out quickly, and that congestion is not caused when something can be done about it.

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Cotemar is the Unsung Hero of Oil Production

For the past decade, the world’s oil producers have been taken by storm by the shale revolution in North America, particularly in the United States. However, since most of the new focus and notoriety has been aimed at the shale producers on, offshore oil producers, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, have gone unnoticed. The oil reserves buried underneath the Gulf of Mexico’s depths are still in abundance, and many of the leading exploration and production oil companies still maintain a presence in the region in the form of offshore oil rigs. As one would correctly assume, it is a massive undertaking to provide support to these oil rigs. Mexican company Cotemar does just that, serving the offshore oil industry for over thirty-six years now.

Cotemar began operations in 1979, with a focus of providing services to Mexican offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. It acquired specialized boats that could be used to transport and house oil rig workers as well as to serve as floating maintenance facilities to oil rigs erected in the Gulf. In 1985, Cotemar introduced platforms that anchored in the Gulf that would serve as housing for oil rig workers, allowing less transit time for these workers to get to their respective oil rigs. The 1990’s saw the company expand to five more of these platforms and add three vessels to its fleet. The last several years has seen Cotemar continue to focus on acquiring specialized vessels and even added specialized cranes that can further be used to facilitate oil rig maintenance on Throughout its history, the company has been sure to keep true to its values of integrity, innovation, collaboration and responsibility in order to keep expanding its business.

As it was when Cotemar first started operations, a large portion of its business is the transportation and housing of oil rig personnel. However, Cotemar has become an all-encompassing oil rig services company on It has a fleet of specialized vessels that have onboard cranes that are used to provide full scope maintenance and even assembly of oil rigs and offshore processing complexes. For older rigs and processing complexes, Cotemar even provides modernization services so that the exploration and production companies operating this equipment can continue drilling for and processing oil without the burdensome cost of out-right replacement.

As the world’s energy demand continues to increase, oil will continue to be energy’s main source. New technology in the offshore drilling industry will ensure that leading oil producers will maintain oil drilling rigs and facilities in the oil rich Gulf of Mexico. As such, Cotemar will continue to be at the forefront of offshore oil services. See:

Billy McFarland’s Blackcard

With Billy McFarland’s help, you can enhance your social network. He is only 23 years old, but he has founded a company named Magnises. It is a social club with exclusive perks. It comes with a black card that allows you to access special deals and events. You can link this card to your credit card or your bank. That allows you to make easy payments. The greatest benefit of it is the perks that come along with it.

When you flash your Magnises card, it creates instant respect for you. It is made of metal, so there is gravity to it. There are many clubs, restaurants, and bars that will give you discounts and give you access to exclusive experiences. One example is private concerts or even exotic getaways.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland did an interview with Business Insider, and he told them that he has built a platform that connects millennials together. He wants to link them both offline and online. He knew that people carried either a debit card or credit card with them at all times. This is why he tied the black card to that.

The spin studio Cyc, clubs Goldbar and Finale and several restaurants are some of the businesses that have signed joined the Magnises club. You may also get a discount when you take a trip on your helicopter. Want to go the Hamptons? Pull out your black card. If you want to see Ja Rule or Rick Ross perform, your black card can help you there as well.

Magnises was founded just one year ago. It has 6,000 members who have paid the annual fee of $250. It even has its own mobile app to help you navigate all the bonuses included in your membership. The app will make suggestions to you if you are not sure where to start.

McFarland is targeting a demographic of 21 to 35 year old people. The majority of the people signed up for the card work in finance, fashion and technology. To join the program you just need to fill out an application online then wait for approval from the Magnises team.

The Importance Of Honesty in Financial Industry

Honesty and ethics is are some of the most important traits in the financial industry. People need finances in order to be able to support themselves. One of the ways that people increase their finances is through the use of financial institutions. However, there are problems that could arise with financial institutions that are not honest. There have been issues such as deleted transactions and shredded documents. This has brought forth a lot of suspicion from people who have been thinking about doing business with financial institutions. Fortunately, there are compliance officers that are working hard to keep the financial institutions ethical. Helane Morrison is one of the most effective compliance officers in the industry.


Helane is not only passionate about what she is doing, but she is also trustworthy. One thing that she does that helps her be effective in her work is put herself in the shoes of those that are being cheated. She understands the feeling of betrayal that comes with dishonest handling of business. This is why she is very willing to take on any violation to the rights of the clients. She has not only been one of the most valuable leaders in the industry, she has also stepped forward when others were unsure or afraid to do so.


One thing that could be said about the financial culture after 2008 is that people have lost trust in the institutions. One of the reasons is that they have done a lot of underhanded activities that have caused a lot of problems in the economy. Fortunately, Helane Morrison has the experience and the passion to keep the financial institutions in check. She has not only held leadership positions in the compliance officer industry, but she has also landed a leader position at Hall Capital, where she keeps the company in check.


Brian Torchin Advising on Staffing Agencies

Management is always important in any professional setting, no matter what it is.

Brian Torchin, for example, is a prime manager at his own staffing agency called HCRC. While there, he’s learned a lot about the medical field and one of the most important things is that there’s always more than one way to have good profits in the medical industry.

At HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin is responsible for overseeing all aspects and focuses on helping out clients involved with the group in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the firm provides proper job counseling in the hopes of helping clients move from one job to another quickly and without many troubles.

The firm also provides job placement services, meaning that employees can go to a job right away as soon as it becomes available and avoid long waiting lists. Employee verification is another task that is done at HCRC, because being able to vet and know the most crucial details about potential employees is key to keeping a firm afloat if it has hopes of attracting future clients.

Brian Torchin has had a very intriguing and colorful career so far in life. As the founder of HCRC Staffing, Torchin first attended the University of Delaware, which is where he developed his interest in medicine and the health care field.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science and then went on to get his degree in the field of being a chiropractor from the New York Chiropractic College. It was at this point that he learned how difficult it was to get jobs filled in the medical industry, and this is how he got the idea to create HCRC Staffing in the first place.

Torchin does his business in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, with some offices in Delaware, New Jersey and even New York City.

The Highly-Anticipated Global Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza planning and branding protocols are organized into two distinct structures. One which is a separate non-profit entity. While supporting the global and regional world initiatives, the Lovaganza Foundation which aims at using visibility and success of the entertainment Franchise developed by Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to portray a positive impact. The second distinct structure is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise that is set to provide worldwide entertainment on Vimeo to bring wonder and inspire the audience by discovering all nations and cultures on earth.

2018 is the official opening year for the Lovaganza Foundation Celebrations. The official launch of the celebrations includes well-prepared entertainment boards that encompass all aspects of entertainment. They are up-to-date on the 2020 preparations and planning.

The bohemian-inspired celebrations of Lovaganza will showcase a contemporary culture on earth with bedazzling and groundbreaking entertainment from exhibitions to immersive attractions and motion pictures. The nostalgia of the World’s Fairs and the classic Cinerama fell off a bygone era will be showcased. Future and present on every notion in the world are part of the Lovaganza 2020 celebrations. Entertainment inspired by past events in history will be showcased. Lovaganza is always prepared to make the 2020 celebrations one-of-a-kind experience. They are scheduled to commence in May 2020 in more than eight locations in the world.

The celebrations will portray the world’s cultures by way of groundbreaking and bedazzle entertainment from live events to exhibitions and motion pictures. The theme of the celebrations is “embarking on the world’s Bohemian adventure” at The previous parties were scheduled to take place in 2015. However, they were postponed to 2020 to encompass edge-cutting concepts and utilize the emerging technology in the world. For this reason, the celebrations will give you a better experience of being immersed in a new culture. It has locations in Africa, Europe, America, the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia. The four-month celebrations will conclude in an unprecedented way in the world.

Traveling show is one of the holidays that precede the Lovaganza 2020. In 2017, they are scheduled to hit the roads to promote the bigger 2020 Lovaganza celebrations. Their goals and mission are to present a simple 3-D cinematic glass to immerse you into a new world experience in technology. They will be followed by a release of the famous movies of the 21st century. Lovaganza traveling pavilion will also be showcased in the celebrations. They will encompass the 3-D glass technology for standard 2-D and 3-D theaters. For many countries, the primary shooting of the film footage is in progress in the United States. Countries including France, Spain, the UK will resume their shooting as soon as it is complete.

Technology is stamping its authority in the modern world. The entertainment world is worst hit. These celebrations will utilize the state-of-the-art technology to allow for advanced technology integration and adoption. For this reason, they will embrace the forefront ideas to make it a better place for everyone. While the celebrations start in May, the adventure-inspired Bohemian celebrations will be held in the most excellent locations in the world. These destinations include Asia, Africa, the UK, America, Oceania, and the Middle East.

Doe Deere Living The Dream

Doe Deere has a fascinating story to share with other young women about her achieving her dream. She is one very successful entrepreneur that carved out a path for her own amazing success. Certainly, Deere is an original. She is hard to ignore, with pastel hair and a very colorful personality to match. The Queen of the Unicorns hopes that her rather unconventional success story will inspire young women to follow their dreams and succeed too. The Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics shared her beginnings in a recent interview. Read the interview here.

Doe Deere’s Unconventional Beginnings
Doe Deere was only about 17 years old when she moved to the United States with only a dream to guide her to success. Deere had plenty of ambition. The United States was the perfect place to explore those very ambitious desires. Her first endeavors were within the music industry. Later on, Deere created a fashion line, but ended up in makeup. Deere became a true New Yorker. She lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Deere still has very fond memories of the place. In fact, she met her musician husband during those early years. During those years, Deere learned to simply follow her heart. She believes that this is the way to achieve dreams and make them come true. Deere started a makeup company that seemed very unconventional too. However, soon other like minded individuals discovered her unique makeup line. This led to her amazing success. Truly following your heart worked for Doe Deere.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere has a very unconventional philosophy about her makeup line that she likes to share with others. Deere believes that makeup gives herself and other women the freedom to be themselves. Certainly, some women are always trying to be someone else or look like someone else. Therefore, they wear the conventional makeup that you might see advertised in magazines. However, Lime Crime appeals to women that are interested in just being themselves.

Doe Deere firmly believes that makeup is all about freedom of expression. Lime Crime is the perfect product to release that creativity and feel really good about yourself.