Two Herbalife Nutrition Distributors Set Out To Improve Their Community

The independent distributors who sell Herbalife Nutrition products strive to support the health and wellness of the people who live in their communities. Part of this is by maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. Research into psychology shows that approaching things in a positive manner and helping to develop supportive environments can help people lead longer, healthier lives.

Some Herbalife Nutrition distributors are working to apply this attitude in the town of Coshocton, Ohio. This is a pretty tight-night community and the goal is to help them eat right and get in better shape. A lot of the people who live in this town work long hours in factories which can be pretty taxing on the body, especially after years of it. The Fair Labor Association conducted a study and found that more than half of all factory works have 60 or more hours of work each week.

Rochelle Byers is a Herbalife Nutrition distributor who lives in Coshocton. She says that her town and too many pizza and fast food restaurants and not enough healthy place to eat. This has resulted in cardiovascular disease is pretty common in that town. This disease is almost always caused by eating an unhealthy diet and not getting enough exercise.

Along with her husband, Dave, Rochelle decided to do something about this. They opened a Herbalife Nutrition community club named Healthy’s. They offer protein shakes, aloe, and teas that people can eat as a snack or as a meal. They also started up some healthy movement activities that anyone can take part in. By promoting better food and more activity they hope to soon see the benefits throughout town.

Herbalife Nutrition offers personalized nutrition products that can help each individual regardless of what stage of life they are in. Additionally, at Healthy’s they offer a variety of programs so that each resident of Coshocton can meet their personal goals when it comes to getting healthier.

Both Dave and Rochelle Byers say they really enjoy what they do for a living. They get to see 200 of their friends each day and so don’t really consider selling Herbalife Nutrition products to even really be work. As independent distributors, they joined a company that has been helping people meet their health goals since 1980. They offer both high-quality nutrition products as well as exercise coaching so that all of their customers can meet their wellness goals.


OSI Group Expands Further Into Europe

Whether ordering at a supermarket or eating at a restaurant with a few of your close friends and family, meat is perhaps the most ordered item (unless you are vegan). While a lot of you will be familiar with various food chain restaurants and the menu offered there, not many people are aware of where the ingredients needed to create those menu items are supplied from and while this may seem like worthless information it can actually be a lot more vital then you would’ve previously imagined. Amongst these food production companies, the OSI group is perhaps the most well-known and well established one with, 65 facilities in 17 countries and employee number of 20,000 all culminating to a net worth of $6.1 billion.

The story of this now billion dollar empire-esque company began in the mid-1950s, when it was known as Otto and Sons and became one of the first and main suppliers of McDonald’s which at that time was only beginning to spread throughout the Mid-west of the United states of America. And from that point onwards, OSI group has only gone on spreading like wild fire. In a recent bid for “world domination” OSI Group has acquired a controlling stake in the Dutch food production company, Baho Foods, that deals in convenience foods and deli meats etc which will allow OSI Group to strengthen their roots in Europe as Baho Foods is not limited to Netherlands, but also has subsidiaries in Germany and is known to supply food to over 18 countries in Europe.

After the acquisition, the Group targets increased its sales and production. The group has made the decision to keep the team of managers at Baho Foods instated and have a group of their executives collaborate with them in order to push forth the plan for future production work. The managing director of Baho Foods, John Balvers has expressed eagerness to work under the Aurora, Illinois based company keeping in view the relationship that the Group shares with its customers and suppliers. This isn’t the first attempt of OSI Group for expansion in Europe as previously in the year 2016 they also purchased Flagship Europe, a company of frozen poultry, pies and condiments.


Genucel: the Solution to Skin Problems Resulting from Aging

Faces muscles continue to weaken as one continues to grow old. As a result, the skin becomes loose. The most affected areas are around the eyes. With increased age, the muscles and fats that cushion the eyes to remain in the eye sockets move forward and make the muscles take the shape of bags. Water accumulation and retention may also result in puffiness around the eyes. An active care routine can be used to correct this situation. There are solutions that carry less risk and are cheap. The solutions have been clinically proven as a way of bringing the results that one desire.

Eyeseryl is one of the solutions for this condition. There is a product called Genucel and it contains Eyeseryl. This product also contains other anti-aging products which bring a solution to many age defining problems.

Genucel provides the users with a five-step process which brings a great solution to the problems that result from aging. The following are the steps to be taken:

  1. Application of the Genucel plant stem cell therapy. This product renews the skin. It brings about unique properties around the eyes. The puffiness and bags around the eyes are reduced. Results are manifested in a span of two weeks.
  2. Application of the Genucel eyelid treatment. This treatment is created to make the upper eyelid firm and strong. This gives the user a younger and rejuvenated look.
  3. The third step is to layer the Genucel xv treatment. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the areas around the eyes. This reduces the damages that result from aging
  4. The fourth step is to apply the Genucel immediate effect which brings about excellent results. This product reduces the wrinkles that form on the skin due to aging. It makes use of advanced relaxoderm to achieve these excellent results.
  5. The last step is to add cristalles microdermabrasion. This treatment may cost a fortune if got from a clinic. It makes use of magnesium oxide and it addresses issues that are connected to the skin. This includes spotting that result from aging, losing skin color and lines on the skin.

One can also include two more Genucel products in order to address skin issues. These include:

  • Use of Genucel sunspot corrector. This product helps to reduce sun spots, age spots, and liver spots. The results are a radiant skin.
  • Use of the Genucel deep firming serum. It is a product that has been used for over ten years. The results are satisfying to the consumers. It does not irritate the skin. It supplies the skin with vitamin C. this reverses the age damage effects.

Neurocore Is Development Treatments For Depression Patients

Depression can be a major issue in someone’s life and it has become more apparent over the years that this is a serious medical issue that needs to be addressed. Not only do many people find it difficult to go through normal everyday tasks, but some individuals even take to extremes like suicide when they are unable to find relief and feel like they are getting worse without any help. Neurocore is out there helping people overcome their struggles with depression through various different techniques and coping methods. In some cases, Neurocore is trying to change the brainwave patterns of their patients to help them overcome their depression or anxiety. More often than not, patients need to find different ways to cope with their depression and make the necessary changes in their daily lives to feel more constructive. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

It is not always a simple task helping someone overcome their depression and pills can sometimes even make things worse by causing other side effects. Neurocore is trying to apply proven methods of altering brain patterns naturally to help people cope with their mental problems. Sometimes this process can be a long one, depending on the individual, but Neurocore is thorough and guides every one of their patients through step by step. Coping methods are very important, which Neurocore provides for all of their patients after coming in for an appointment. Treatment programs at Neurocore are not absolute, so patients can resign from them or have them altered to better fit their needs if desired. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore always has their doors open to those seeking help and they have professionals ready to answer patient questions at any time of the day. Mental health problems are being taken more seriously in society today rather than being brushed aside, which is why companies like Neurocore are out there trying to help as many people as possible. Neurocore has several facilities dedicated to their cause and more are set to come in the next few years.


Working With Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a family owned business that was founded in 2008. In the short time Aloha Construction has been operating they have completed over 20,000 projects. Aloha Construction is now run by a man named Dave Farbaky, who is proud to keep the business within the family. Aloha Construction is currently working for customers in Illinois and Wisconsin. Aloha Construction also runs Aloha Restoration Co. This article is going to tell you a little bit about both companies.


This company not only employs construction workers, but it also employs supervisors in the field, inspectors, office staff, specialist in claims, and many others. This company offers jobs for many people in their field. Aloha Construction makes sure that their workers are hard working and provide honest relationships with customers.


Aloha Construction works hard to quickly deliver service to their clients. Aloha Construction offers many different services including roofing repair and replacement, installing house siding, fixing gutters, putting in windows, and they even offer free property inspections. Aloha Restoration Co offers services such as water cleanup, removing mold, home remodeling, and even carpet cleaning! Anything you may need done around your house, they offer it.


At Aloha Construction, the team is committed to providing customers with the most top quality work they can offer. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction. Aloha Construction is dedicated to provided the most timely work they possibly can. If you are looking for a great construction company to do some work around your home or if you are building a house and you are in the Illinois or Wisconsin area, check out Aloha Construction!

The Career of Fortress Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the co founders of the investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. He helped establish this firm in the late 90’s after working as a finance professional and lawyer. Nardone has a unique background in finance as he was once a practicing attorney. This allowed him to use his knowledge of the law to complete a number of important deals for both Fortress Investment Group and for companies looking to complete mergers and acquisitions. Randal has held numerous high level management positions in both finance and law during his career. As an entrepreneur and executive in finance, Randal Nardone has been able to earn a substantial amount of wealth. Forbes named him to its list of billionaires and richest Americans.

When Randal Nardone started career, he worked in the legal field as an attorney. After completing law school, Nardone began his career at the law firm named Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood. He would serve as one of the associates at the law firm for a number of years. Towards the end of his stint at the law firm, Randal would be appointed as a member of the firm’s executive committee. This was a panel of top administrators of the law firm. As a member of this group, Nardone would get his first experience in a leadership role.

After a successful career as a lawyer, Randal Nardone went on to become involved in the financial sector. Randal began his career in finance when he joined the firm Blackrock Financial Management. While he was a member of this firm, Nardone would serve as its principal. This position allowed Nardone to continue demonstrating his leadership skills. While he had a successful stint at Blackrock Financial Management, Randal would move on to pursue other opportunities in 1997. At the end of the 1990’s, Randal would get involved with two major investment firms. He would work as the managing director at UBS until 1998. That year, Randal co founded Fortress Investment Group. Over the next two decades, Randal would help the firm establish itself as one of the leading asset management and private equity firms in the world.

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Marc Beer is Prepared to Solve Pelvic Floor Disorders through Digital Innovations

Marc Beer has been playing a vital role in the progress of the health sector, especially the advancement of the methods used in treating various women disorders. It is evident that there are a significant number of diseases that have been affecting the way women operate. Some of these disorders have proven to be very critical to a considerable amount of women who have not been able to find the most appropriate cure. Besides, most of the medical facilities in the industry also not been able to offer the required diagnostic and treatment.


One of these disorders is pelvic floor disorder, which constitutes a large number of diseases such as urinary inconsistency. These diseases have not been easy to handle. Current reports indicate that a large number of women in the United States and other parts around the world have not been able to get the necessary treatment. In fact, some of them have not been able to get the diagnostic, which could now provide the necessary room for treatment. However, several organizations are coming up with some critical strategies to solve these problems.


Renovia Incorporated is a digital organization that has been looking for the necessary digital initiatives with the aim of providing the appropriate treatment. Marc Beer has been at the forefront of ensuring that the organization has the necessary finances that would improve the financial capacity of the company in handling a significant number of technical aspects. Most of the organizations find it hard to accumulate enough money that would help special facilities in helping solve the problems that most of the women face.


Marc Beer has enabled the medical facility, Renovia Inc., to gather more than $42.3 million, which will be used in handling various aspects within the facility. The funds will be used to perform some critical elements in the development of the organization, some of which have previously been crippled by the lack of the necessary resources. This medical facility is highly dedicated to ensuring that it provides the essential solution to the pelvic floor disorders. A turnaround in the process through which these disorders are diagnosed and treated will give a reprieve to a large number of women in various parts around the world. Learn more:


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an experienced medical expert, who has the intentions of solving the expanding challenges that are facing a significant number of women in the United States and other parts of the globe. He has more than twenty-five years in the medical industry, where he has played critical roles in the commercialization of pharmaceutical products and equipment. He has as well proved to be a talented individual who has an extensive network that enables him to gather the necessary support, especially when needed.