Vijay Eswaran Inspires Other Business Leaders To Live Better Lives

As the co-founder and executive chairman of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran would seem to have his hands full as he looks to continue the amazing growth his company has enjoyed since being formed in 1998.

Eswaran has been one of the world’s leading direct sales innovators since the start of the QI Group after finding many different avenues to explore before and during his career with the QI Group; Vijay spent much of his life traveling after his Malaysian government official father working in various city’s in the nation his nomadic lifestyle was ingrained from an early age.

Despite the fact Vijay likes to keep himself busy by taking part in almost every aspect of the business of the QI Group, including taking some of the training sessions given to new recruits, he has spent much of the last few years exploring the options available to help others.

Vijay Eswaran believes a greater level of productivity and success can be found by those who follow his self help ideology, which has been revealed in a series of books from his first “In The Sphere Of Silence” to his latest release “Two Minutes From The Abyss”.

It is difficult to not be impressed by the work completed by Vijay Eswaran as he has been at the head of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the world for almost two decades.

The QI Group has forged ahead with an impressive rate of growth for many years as its arrival in India has made it one of the best loved retailers in the country, particularly as Vijay has been eager to push forward the impressive range of products available from his company that include products invented by Indian professionals for the people of the world.

A recent linkup with the English soccer team, Manchester City FC shows the importance of community to the company as the two institutions have formed a partnership based on the respect they share for the work each has completed in charitable causes.

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Scottsdale’s Jason Hope Believes In The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope keeps his finger on the pulse of technology and he has become a big proponent of the Internet of Things (IoT). An entrepreneur and Scottsdale, Arizona native, Hope has made a name for himself by becoming an authority on the future of tech.

In short, the Internet of Things refers to those devices that are connected to each other. Think about a refrigerator that knows when you are low on milk and will automatically order more.

Hope has written extensively on the Internet of Things and sees the technology as to biggest advancement in tech history.

Jason Hope sees IoT as a way for devices to become more efficient and as a way to eliminate waste. With IoT, cities can become more efficient and safer, Hope believes. He reasons that local transportation departments can use the Internet of Things to gather traffic data in real time and make adjustments to its public transportation system. As public transportation becomes more convenient for citizens, there will be an increase in ridership and a decrease in cars on the road.

Fewer cars on the road will result in fewer accidents and that will be a benefit for society as a whole. As Hope continues to champion the benefits of IoT, he has become an in-demand futurist and expert.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona native and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. He then earned an MBA from WP Carey School of Business at ASU. He has become an active philanthropist and makes it a point to give back to his community.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Is Optimistic About The Success Of Rapamycin

In volume five, of the eighth issue on Aging Journal, Mikhail Blagosklonny discuses about TOR Signaling in aging. According to Mikhail, aging is “an exponential increase of the probability of death with age.” Elderly people die from age-related diseases. Some of these diseases include cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson diseases, Alzheimer and muscular degeneration. Cellular aging, which is partly dependent on MTOR, is activated by growth factors such as hormones, oxygen, nutrients, and conditions like obesity. Conversely, MTOR initiates specific functions of differentiated cells and mass growth of cells.

Aging is also connected to systematic hyper-functions like hypertension, hyper-aggregation, hyper-contractility of arterial smooth muscle cells, as well as hyperplasia, hyperinsulinemia, pro-inflammatory conditions and fibroids among others. These hyper-functions damage body organs. Terminal stages of these hyper-functions cannot be revived with rapamycin since they are MTOR-independent. Rapamycin is an MTOR inhibitor and a common cancer drug. Mikhail proposes that the drug should be used for life extension. Rapamycin is a stronger inhibitor of MTOR compared to calorie restriction. Mikhail found out that Rapamycin extended lifespan in all tested species. MTOR is related to aging-related diseases. The study also revealed that genetic manipulations, which inhibit TOR’s pathway, elongate lifespan in many species, including yeast and mammals. Read more on Impact Journals.

About Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned cancer and aging scientist, He serves as an oncology professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail is known for his in-depth research on cancer and aging where he formulated a hypothesis to find out the possible role of Rapamycin in extending the life of people living with cancer. His deep involvement in the field has seen him become the most passionate advocate for rapamycin drug in longevity research. Mikhail was admitted to First Pavlov State Medical University, St. Petersburg, where he received his M.D. in internal medicine and a PhD in experimental medicine and cardiology. Mikhail has worked for New York Medicine College as an associate professor. For nine years, he served as a senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute. Mikhail is the Editor-in-Chief of various journals, including Aging, Oncotarget, and Cell Cycle. He is also an associate editor for a journal known as Cancer Biology & Therapy. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Wen By Chaz Secrets To Fabulous Hair

The secrets to fabulous hair begin with the products that are applied to the hair. This includes shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, detangling formulas, and much more. The Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is basically a 5 in one hair care system that replaces all those products. A woman revealed in a Bustle article that she was very curious about the  Wen by Chaz  Cleansing Conditioner and decided to try the product out for several days on her own damaged fine, limp hair. Was the product effective? Did it end the frizzy hair days or improve the condition of her hair. Read on for more on her findings.

The End Of Bad Hair Days

Women look for a product that will end their bad hair days. The woman in the Bustle article was on the same mission. She applied the Fig version of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to her hair for 7 days in a row. Over the 7 day period, the woman noticed that the condition of her hair actually improved. It was much easier to style and manage. In the article she also revealed that she would definitely reach for the product anytime that she required extra shine and bounce to her hair.

Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Say Goodbye to all your Bad Hair Days. The Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is designed to revive damaged hair. The key to the powerful formula is that the product does not include sulfates that damage the hair. it is important to note that the sulfates are the ingredient that is responsible for the lather in shampoos. Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner only includes purely natural ingredients that are formulated to moisturize and nourish damaged hair. Some of the key ingredients include Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and more. Wen products are available on the website and on

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Julie Zuckerberg: The Self-Taught Recruitment Star

Being a talent acquisition is no easy joke. The job is a tough one that requires the utmost dedication and ability to find the best out of the numerous applicants. Even in this tough job environment, Julie Zuckerberg shines brightly among her peers and competitors, making a name for herself in the field of talent acquisition & recruitment’s.


Currently, Deutsche Bank is the company that Julie serves under. At Deutsche Bank, she heads the talent acquisition department with her team of dedicated and skilled recruiters. She is responsible for all the recruits that enter the company and also all the managerial activities that come along with hiring new employees. She is also the one who oversees all the outlines and provisions of the company and assist the top level directors in the undertakings of various tasks for the enterprise. She is also the one to advise and preside over all the executive decisions of the business.


Also, Julie also heads training and development programs for all the employees within the firm. She grooms them so as to make them job ready with the perspective of recruiting them into Deutsche Bank and also to help them rise the ranks and perform better within the company.


In addition to helping Deutsche Bank with all ts recruitment’s. Julie also has helped numerous other organizations with their talent acquisition. Over the years, she has worked with various leaders and learned people from varying sectors who have all taught Julie valuable lessons which have helped her in her professional as well as personal career.


She has helped numerous organizations from a wide range of sectors with their recruitment needs. Her team of experienced recruiters have been specially trained by her and handle all the on-site recruitments that take place for large enterprises. From finance and accounting to public relations and marketing, Julie has worked with almost every professional sector.


It’s a rather surprising fact that Julie didn’t intend on ending up in the world of talent acquisition and recruiting. As a teenager, she decided to pursue a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York. She then ventured into the world of law and decided to take on a law school program from New York Law School. All that she has learned about talent acquisition and recruiting has been solely based on ‘on the job’ work experience. Julie believes in always learning and gaining from the people around her, and this is one of the contributing factors that makes Julie the success that she is today.


Julie has a broad range of interests outside the world of talent acquisition. A New-Yorker at heart, Julie loves partaking in all that New York City has to offer. Right from the various cultural programs to art and music festivals, Julie is a lover of simply anything that spells out the diverse culture of New York.


Julie is a woman’s rights activist and believes in doing her bit to help society and those in need. She believes in helping out the economically distressed and downtrodden people to do her bit to make the world a better place for people to live in.

Madison Street Capital Supports ARES Security Corporation Funding

Madison Street Capital, a leading global investment banking organization, served as the advisor for ARES Security Corporation’s recent minority equity and subordinated debt investment. ARES Security, a prominent enterprise security risk management firm offers all-inclusive security software systems.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners furnished the minority recapitalization, according to Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway. “It was truly an honor to work directly with Ares Security President and Shareholder Ben Eazzetta in providing this investment. Ares Security is a one of a kind company with a high-end suite of technology solutions that protect the world’s most critical assets,” commented Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh. “The Company has a superior management team and board who challenged us to identify the appropriate financing partner.”


ARES Security Corporation believes the collaboration with Corbel Structured Equity Partners proved instrumental towards achieving targeted equity value. Capital solutions provided by Corbel supported ARES Security Corporation’s sales initiatives and optimize potential revenue options. The firm’s President Ben Eazzetta, impressed with the entire process with Madison Street Capital, applauded the effort in locating the appropriate financier. “We truly appreciate the team at Madison Street Capital and all the work they completed for us in 2016.”


Madison Street Capital offers clients integrity, excellence, and leadership in corporate financial advisory products, merger and acquisition proficiency, financial knowledge, and valuation services. As a respected and renowned worldwide investment banking organization, Madison Street Capital. Its corporate mission strives for its client’s success in the global marketplace. The organization works closely with clients to understand their objectives and goals and development a strategic game plan.


Chicago, Illinois-based Madison Street Capital maintains offices on the Asian, African and North American continents. Its knowledgeable, professional staff, with decades of experience, provides expertise in merger and acquisitions, middle market investment financing, and restructuring and valuation services. The firm believes knowledge and experience set it apart from others in the field, which makes it a worldwide leader in investment banking.


The Madison Street Capital reputation remains unsurpassed. Additional information about the Madison Street Capital is available at


Waiakea, Liquid Gold

When most of us think of water, not many see a business opportunity but instead see an everyday drink often taken for granted. Even those that chose to venture in the beverage industry continually overlook this drink that no one can do without. Most of the players in the business are old as they ventured into the business years ago.

This changed when a young man by the name Ryan Emmons broke ground on this gold mine people continually overlook. Ryan at the age of 22 started a water company called Waiakea water. The company has an impressive growth rate registering an annual growth rate of 170%. The company has attained a net worth of 10 million dollars.

According to Forbes, Waiakea water happens to be one of the purest water on the planet having its source at the peak of Mauna Loa volcano. The water which is either sourced from melted snow or rain after making its way down the mountain gains valuable minerals that when consumed are an equivalent of a day at the spa. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

With the company’s impressive growth rate Ryan can amass a great deal of wealth and chooses to give back to the community. He dedicates some of his hard earned gains to the less fortunate in the community and Africa.

He also demonstrates his love of the environment by ensuring that the water is packed in eco-friendly bottles that are made entirely out of recycled plastics.

Organic Authority has it that Waiakea water’s impressive growth rate has led them into the path of expansion as they try to keep up with the demand for their product. The company plans to add to manufacturing facilities which will ease their efforts at launching their enterprise in four new countries over two continents.

Ryan’s success is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere and an eye-opener on an industry that continues to be undermined. He added that he intends to create brand loyalty with the customers by life branding.

Many question his investment in terms of the need to transport water across Pacific, but he defends their choice of investment sternly as a great investment opportunity and a healthy choice compared to most.

He admitted that starting the business was quite a challenge as the business is one of the most saturated in the world but rewarding as apart from earning he can make a difference with the wealth he gains.Take advantage of this amazing drink.

Kim Dao Spends the Day Anime Shopping in Tokyo

“Anime Shopping in Tokyo & Maid Café ft. Sunnydahye” is a video from Kim Dao with a guest appearance by her friend Sunny. In it she explores the famed Akihabara to find the best anime products and goodies that can be found. Kim Dao and Sunny start out in ‘Maid Dreaming,’ a popular maid café. They enjoy their time together at the maid café, even stopping to pose for pictures with the gracious staff at Maid Dreaming. You can see the wonderful singing performances put on by the lovely maids who work at the café. It is truly an all-around entertaining experience. The food that is brought out to Sunny and Kim Dao looks as appetizing as it is cute. They even have dessert at the end, which Sunny mentions she enjoyed the most. You can tell that careful time and attention was put into making those delightful dishes. Kim Dao and Sunny then go shopping for different items at the local shops. There are so many costumes and trinkets to choose from in these stores that you could spend all day in them. It’s truly an anime lovers dream spot. Kim Dao and Sunny then end their eventful day by playing video games at the arcade.

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Construcap Involvement in Brazilian Construction Industry

One look at Brazilian infrastructure on and you will conclude that it is indeed growing. Buildings are cropping up everywhere, which is a sign that the real estate industry in the country has been busy. According to statistics, civil infrastructure contributes up to 5% of the country’s GDP.

A Rise in Home Building in Brazil

By November last year, statistics showed a drop in homebuilding in Brazil. This decrease was associated with unemployment and high levels of inflation on YouTube. However, this year came with better things with home builders showing interest in the industry.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian government and the homebuilders at agreed on new industry rules that give the homeowners the right to retain 9-15% of the of the units value in case a buyer cancels a purchase. This law provides more transparency between buyers and the construction companies. Withy new rule in place, construction companies, will no longer have to worry about being battered by cancellations.

Construcap Construction Company

Construcap is one of the major construction companies in Brazil and is a private company. It was founded in 1944 and operates as a subsidiary of Construcap Group. Construcap is located in San Pedro, Brazil and offers construction services which include procurement, electro-mechanic, heavy construction, structured construction, engineering, design, building, and pre-construction.

Construcap mainly involves in industries such as infrastructure, oil & gas, power, automotive, mining & metals, and manufacturing. It has 6000 employees and counts its success on various projects it has completed successfully. Construcap actively involves in social responsibility and environmental conservation while still focusing on continuous development and technological innovation.

Successful Projects

Construcap has carried many successful projects one of them being Gaviao Branco facility. The project that was finished up by the beginning of 2016 is a natural gas development project. Construcap was involved with the general procurement services, construction and commissioning the startup of 8.5million cubic meters gas daily.

Successful completion of this project by Construcap portrayed experience in construction workforce in Brazil. It also proved the company’s reputation of completing projects on time and within the set budget. The project also acted a milestone for Construcap to strengthen its relationship with Fluor.

Nathaniel Ru contribution to Sweetgreen Healthy Living

Sweetgreen materialized from a few friends from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Nathaniel Ru, and a few of his friends had difficulty finding a place to eat. Usually, they always looked for a healthy, fun, and comfortable place to eat. The desire to have healthy food led to the start of a 560 square foot tavern in the middle of downtown area. Six years later, the eatery that Ru and his friends started has grown to become a table style restaurant called Sweetgreen. Ru thanked their landlord for agreeing to help a group of college seniors with no restaurant experience to start up in his premise.


Today, Sweetgreen has stores in the Northeast’s major cities. The restaurant continues to provide fresh and healthy food with most of its ingredients coming from the local farmers. Theresa Dold said that people do not buy what you do; instead, they buy how you do it. Dold also stated that Sweetgreen was not just but a place to buy food but a place that has a deeper purpose rather than salads. According to her, the founders of the restaurant likened the company to Apple. When it comes to marketing, Sweetgreen wants to be social, sexy, smart and local. Dold also said that the restaurant had a great line of Juices.


Nathaniel also stated that despite the numerous stores the company has, each and every one of the stores is expected to live up to the founding core values. The company’s values that have allowed it not only to be a restaurant but a lifestyle include;

  • Win-win situation- achieving a win situation for both the company and the customers is paramount
  • Sustainability – while making decisions, the company aims at protecting the future interests.
  • Keeping it real- this is by ensuring authenticity of all products
  • Adding sweet – when the products are satisfying to the customers, it most certainly leads to growth.
  • Impact – by working together, and gearing towards common goals brings about the greatest impact in the society.

Coupled with the healthy and delicious meals, Sweetgreen has held yoga classes in a Washington restaurant. The company also does cross- promotions with gyms and fitness clubs.


Nathaniel Ru is the co- founder and co- chief executive officer at Sweetgreen. He attended Georgetown University and graduated with an undergraduate degree from the school of business. In 2007, together with two graduates, they started an eatery called Sweetgreen. The company has grown to over 27 location in six states. In 2010, Ru and his partners launched Sweetlife an event that attracts over 20,000 attendees and features high profile artists.