Betsy DeVos: A Choice in the Matter

Where your children go to school matters. In fact, it can play a major role in how the rest of their life plays out. A good school can make the difference between a child that pays attention and does well or a child that flunks out. There are some children that are able to flourish under even the toughest conditions but there are way more children that need a more personalized approach to their education. No one understands this quite as much as Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. While she is a newcomer to the post of Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos knows everything there is to know about education reform. She has devoted a large portion of her time and career to just that.


In Michigan, Betsy DeVos became well known for her unyielding advocacy. She saw students that truly struggled in and the public-school systems of her area. There were parents that were willing to sacrifice everything to their children could have a shot at a better future. They understood that these early years of education serve as a foundation for children as a move and some more difficult educational arenas in the future. They wanted to have more control over where their children received that foundation. The biggest thing that Betsy DeVos pushes for in her recent interview with the illustrious Philanthropy Roundtable is that parents should have more of a choice.


This “school choice” movement that she has been a major pioneer of has taken the nation by storm. When she first began her advocacy, she was met by a lot of resistance. There were parents and administrators who are not willing to let go of the nostalgia that was associated with the public school system. They believed that the system simply needed a little bit of reform and it would be functional once again. While Betsy DeVos acknowledges that the public-school system would do well with some reform, she also knows that the private sector would offer parents a more immediate solution to the problem. Parents shouldn’t be forced to sit around and hope that the schools in their area follow suit with reform items. From her position, she hopes to help parents feel empowered to make those tough choices for their children. She sees of the work that needs to be done in a public school system and she is willing to take on those issues, but she also wants parents to feel as though they have a choice in the matter as well.


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