Betsy DeVos Experiences Success and True Fulfillment with her Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is one of the best role models for women. For one thing, she has experienced a lot of success. One thing that many people hope to achieve is huge successes with their career which includes making a lot of money and in some cases giving to charity. However, true fulfillment comes from getting deeply involved in the lives of the less fortunate and actually making a difference in their lives. This is one thing that Betsy and Dick DeVos has done in their career as they have seen what the problems of the community are. Instead of leaving the community to rot, they have decided that they want to help rebuild it for future generations.


Betsy has started with helping families get their kids into higher quality schools from their districts so that they can get better education that they can use in order to bring them better career opportunities. One thing that she has noticed is that a lot of families that are trying to get their children higher quality education are not as rich as she is. Therefore, she has wanted to bring forth a new alternative where children can get education without having to pay for it.


This alternative is called the School Choice initiative. This has proven to be such a good opportunity for parents to get their children into better funded and safer schools so that they can get the education they need. Dick DeVos himself has been involved in renovating schools so that they can offer better programs. One of the most important things that kids need to learn are life and job skills so that they can have an easier time landing the type of job they need and handling their finances.


Even though, Betsy DeVos lives in a wealthy family, she has a lot of compassion fro those who are not so fortunate. She understands that it is not the fault of the children who happen to be born into lower quality communities. She wants to not only fund better schools, but to rebuild communities and bring hope tot he area.


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