What You Missed from The Cut’s Interview on Sunday Riley

The Cut got the inside scoop on Sunday Riley’s thoughts on her success, skin-care routine and how she formulated her new foundation. With all the praise she gets, it is clear there is a lot in store for the Entrepreneur from Texas.

When the article first starts the interviewer asks Sunday Riley what her brand represents to her. She responds by letting us know that she wanted a brand that had active ingredients to help the skin look young, but couldn’t find it on the market. That is when Sunday Riley was born in 2009 although she isn’t a cosmetic chemist.

In this article, you will realize that Sunday Riley is very humble and only wants the best for not only herself but her customers. She goes on to explain that she sees the brand as something separate from herself and is grateful that people use and enjoy the product. She even limits what she looks at on the Internet about her products to not get discouraged by naysayers.

The interviewer also picks Riley’s brain about some of her products. They end up focusing on Good Genes and reflect on it being one of the few acids in the U.S. market at the time it launched. She contributes the good genes success to word of mouth and how the product works instantly with minimal skin irritation for the average consumer. Luckily, for Riley, her whole brand has experienced an increase in sales.

We think it’s cool that Sunday Riley gave insight to her skincare routine using all of her products. She describes what she does and uses step by step. Sunday Riley even offers tips on how to make the product more versatile. She confirms that she would love to expand from skincare and include haircare.

Getting more personal, she tells us how she got the name Sunday. She was born during the hippie era in Austin, Texas and her dad wanted to give her a name that would be good for getting into a business someday. She didn’t disappoint.

To conclude the interview, the interviewer and Sunday Riley talk more about her new foundation and the formulation behind it. She wanted to make sure she had proper representation and a product that would give a no makeup, makeup look.

Read the interview in more detail by going to the Cut’s website. We are sure that you’ll love how down to earth Sunday Riley is and her products too.