The Fagali’i Airport From Grass To Concrete Serving The World

The Fagali’i Airport was owned and operated by both the Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan Government. The Fagali’i Airport is Samoa’s second busiest airport at the Faleolo International Airport as the busiest. The Fagali’i has one runway, located only two miles from the center of Apia. The airport serves Polynesian Airlines flights to Pago Pago International Airport and Tonga.

There is only one runway at Fagali’i which has both taxis and buses to of Apia. Apia is the capital and of Samoa and its largest city according to According to the 2011 census, Apia’s population is 36,735.

The Samoan state governs the western part of the Samoan Islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is located west of the international date line (since 2011) and south of the equator, about halfway between Hawai’i and New.


The Fagali’i Airport’s runway was initially a grass airstrip but was paved and reopened in July of 2002. However, noise and safety issues led to the airport being de-commissioned by the government and closed again.

Polynesian Airlines reopened the airport in July of 2009 with renovations and constructions and began to serve international flights to Pago Pago, American, and Samoa according to The owner and operator of the airport is the Samoa Airport Authority.

The airport underwent some renovations before Polynesian airlines reopened it as a public airport on July 1st, 2009 and international flights were introduced to Pago, American, and Samoa. The Samoa Airport Authority is the owner and operator of the airport.

The airlines operate out of Fagali’i Airport includes the Polynesian Air Line, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, Talofa Airways, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, and Fiji Airways. On a weekly basis, there are 53 international flights depart from Fagali’i Airport. The top Ostfriesische Lufttransport is the top airplane which has over 403 flights every month.

Fagal’i Airport taxis and buses take you Apia’s hotels, restaurants, and spas. The hotels include the two-star Samoan Outrigger Hotel, three-star Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows, the three-star Insel Fehmarn Hotel, the three-star Alaimoana Hotel and the four-star Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa.