The New Brexit Coin Is A Sensation

Coin Invest Trust is a private company that is heading the printing of the Brexit gold coin. The coin is intended to commemorate the exit of Great Britain From The European Union on June 23, 2016. The historic event caused a temporary instability of the market which later leveled off after the shock waves spread. The initial vote to separate from the Union was one of the most historic times in the history of Great Britain. A small movement to separate turned into a full-scale movement. The decision to vote on the issue was presented due to the large amount of the population of Great Britain that were petitioning to separate for the European Union. Many felt that the vote would not be in favor of a split, so when the votes were counted there was shock and a near panic for the citizens of the country. The coins will be issued as three proof coins that are issued from the Cook Islands.

One of the coins is a twenty dollar gold coin as well as a gold five dollar coin and a silver dollar. The design on the coins features a Union Jack on the opposite side of the impression of Europe. The one dollar and the twenty dollar coin have a colored Union Jack. The image of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley is featured on the reverse side.

Weighing in at 3 grams, the silver dollar is 26 mm in diameter. There were 2,016 of those coins struck. The coins were reported to have all been purchased by August 5th. The five dollar gold coin has a weight of .5 g and is reported to be 11 mm in diameter. Only ten thousand pieces are to be created. For the twenty dollar coin, only 2,016 were made. It has 3.1 grams of gold and is 26 mm in diameter. There is currently not a designated distributor for the United States.

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