Malcolm CasSelle’s Role to the Launch of WAX

Malcolm CasSelle’s Role to the Launch of WAX

When it comes to the sales of in-game virtual assets, OPSkins Company is the leading supplier in the global market. Apart from selling in-game virtual assets, OPSkins is also the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. Due to the large number of users who order for the company’s virtual assets and making micro-payments from all parts of the planet, OPSkins needed and regionalized protocol that will enable them to carry out their transactions faster. However, the company provides the best-centralized market for its customers and like any other centralized marketplace, the company has been facing a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges include selling their products to customers who have restrictions from their countries and also the language barrier.

Since the problem had persisted, the founders of the company are going to launch a blockchain platform where sellers and buyers will be able to carry out their transactions smoothly known as Worldwide Assets eXchange (WAX). The Worldwide eXchange (WAX) is an international marketplace for virtual assets’ business which has been designed from a foundation of blockchain and regionalized smart contracts that will give an opportunity for buyers and sellers to carry out virtual assets’ business more easily and also efficiently. The opening of WAX shall provide a solution for two major problems in virtual asset markets business which is fraud and fragmentation. These solutions will be given using a simple block-chain-activated widget that will enable buyers and sellers to trade their virtual assets without having to log out.

WAX will also provide give a chance for users to tokenize their in-game virtual assets and immediately sell or buy virtual assets from other players while still logged in the game without causing any frictions. The platform has been initiated by OPSkins creators led by Malcolm CasSelle who is the current president of WAX (Worldwide Assets eXchange). CasSelle also plays the role of CIO for OPSkins. Before joining OPSkins Company, CasSelle also served as the president and CTO at tronc which was initially called Tribune Publishing where he played a big role while heading a group that saw rapid growth properties hence leveraging digital assets.

The successful career of Oren Frank

Technology has changed the way of life of many people. Through it, a vast number of inventions have successfully been brought to life. Oren Frank is an accomplished entrepreneur that has brought therapy to a new level through the effective online therapy platform that he launched. Together with other partners of Talkspace, he has eased people off their problems by bringing therapist closer to their doors. The online therapy platform seeks to connect people to experts who handle their mental illnesses besides offering them with the best services to live better lives as well as conduct ethical behaviors. View Oren Frank’s profile at linkedin.

Through Talkspace, Oren Frank has created job opportunities for many people. The firm also flaunts a great team of experts who have continued to handle the various issues laid on the table by their clients. The company recently hired a chief medical officer that is also an expert in therapy and other health-related issues. Neil Leibowitz has served great roles in many other health-related companies including UnitedHealth. He is among the most respected health practitioners in the country and his ability to critically evaluate the conditions of his clients has enabled him to solve their health issues within the shortest time possible fully. The medical officer will prescribe the right medications to his clients based on the issues they lay out.

Through his twitter account, Oren Frank seeks to encourage his clients to be bold enough to seek the services of the companies therapists as it is through airing out their issues that they can get immediate help for a better life. Additionally, the entrepreneur also seeks to ensure that every individual gets access to the online therapy platform by making it affordable and easily accessible regardless of the total income of people. Talkspace plans to continue saving the lives of people through advancing its operations by adopting an innovation.

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Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the present Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the famous American Institute of Architecture. Mr. Ivy became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in the year1996. Ivy helped the publisher to develop into becoming one of the most read journals in the globe. His experience enabled him to scale up the ranks to becoming the Editorial Editor and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. This institution includes GreenSource, Architectural Record based in China, ENR, Sweets, HQ Magazine, SNAP, and The Magazine of Sustainable Design.

One of the most notable achievements of Robert Ivy is that he was among the jurors that formed the panel that appointed architect Frank Gehry to be allowed to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. For the period between the year 1981 and 1996, Mr. Robert Ivy served as the principal at Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy publications. Also, Mr. Robert Ivy was a critic for a variety of national publications during the same period. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

On-the-job training and school teach people a lot of the things that they need to do so that they can perfect their roles. However, for the majority of positions, there are more of the training that one has to undergo and learn. Therefore, this is the point where professional societies are of great need and help. According to the American Society of Association Executives, there were over 92,000 professional and trade associations in the United States in the by the year 2010. The difference between trade societies and professional societies is that the former attracts firms as members while the latter engages in recruiting individual workers.

Various benefits help people and firms to join societies. In the case of professional organizations, education is one of the main benefits of joining a society. Other benefits include chances to develop in terms of network. Moreover, members benefit by getting opportunities to take up leadership duties in the society and also engage in competitions for awards within and without the societies.

Both trade and professional societies gain pride out of the tools, materials, and data that they available for their members. Additionally, the societies’ websites, newsletters, and webinars are treated as treasure stores for information that is tailored according to the needs and preferences of the members. Majority of these institutions hire employees who have abilities and experience to conduct their own original research and not relying on second-hand materials.

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Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is a company known to many for their work on shorts activism. Sahm Adrangi, the chief investment officer and founder of the company, has made a name in investment banking since the company’s foundation in 2009. Sahm focuses on exposing fraudulent companies by doing extensive research on where their capital comes from.

Sahm Adrangi’s company first made the headlines in 2010 after they exposed and published their research on Chinese frauds. The companies that Sahm featured in the research became recipients of SEC regulation actions. Sahm has also campaigned against St. Joe land developer on Globalstar as part of his short activism.

In the digital era, everything is not black and white as it would seem. Companies are making fortunes through ad fraud. Sahm Adrangi addressed this issues at the Kase Short Selling Conference amidst other short activists. Sahm raised the alarm on the many companies that have taken refuge in this act to generate revenue through fraudulent online advertisement.

Sahm Adrangi gave an example of ad fraud situation. For most companies, going through the legit channel can be frustrating especially if a publisher has no real users visiting the sites. So to make quick money, Sahm gave an instance where ads are displayed on fake websites. The counterfeit websites have a lot of traffic, not from humans, but from computers. These computers, bots, and botnets designed by eastern European hackers get to view the ads, and the companies get their revenue.

Another form of ad fraud that Sahm Adrangi exposes is add tagging and stuffing. In this case, the perfect example that he gave was video ads where other videos are playing in the background, but internet users cannot see. The videos get charges, but no one is seeing them.

Sahm Adrangi points out that legitimate publishers will drive revenue if online advertisers spend on online ads as they should do instead of participating in ad fraud.

Sahm avails the company’s research on their website or through e-mail subscription. He also spreads his knowledge on Twitter and other channels such as Bloomberg or CNBC. Sahm and Kerrisdale Capital are what the investment world needs to keep short activism active and help solve fraudulent practice.

The Man With A Lot To Say On Twitter About The Economy

If you only had one person that you could turn to for economic opinions and advice on Twitter, who would that person be? For many people, the answer is Shervin Pishevar. It is okay if you have not heard of him before, because you are probably about to hear of him in the not so distant future. He is the kind of person who is hard not to hear about once you know who he is.

Shervin Pishevar has made a big name for himself by being someone who is involved with the investment world. He made his first big splash when he was an early investor in Uber. Although Uber is a household name today, it was not back when Shervin Pishevar first got involved with it. He had to take a risk to even make an investment in it in the first place. That is just the thing with early investments. You get paid off big if you are one of the first one in on them.

These days, Shervin Pishevar takes to Twitter to put out the information that he believes is accurate when it comes to investing. You can see his thoughts on anything that happens to be going on in the economy at any time via his Twitter. This is very rewarding to those who follow his profile because it means that they get to gain insights about how Shervin Pishevar views the world that they would not otherwise have. Since he has been so right in his personal life about certain investments, it kind of just makes sense that we might also trust him to make some good calls on the economy in general.

Lately, Pishevar has taken to doing tweet storms. This is when a Twitter profile tweets on the same subject or series of subjects for many tweets in a row. He did this about the economy. He talked about how he feels that a twenty percent decline in the stock market is a strong likelihood. He also thinks that Bitcoin could suffer some the same magnitude of losses as well. These along with many other ideas are still available for you to check out on his Twitter account now.

Robert Deignan Takes The Software Industry By Storm

Advanced Tech Support(ATS) digital services Chief Executive Officer and founder Robert Deignan recently had an interview where he opened up about his career and personal life. The digital technology specialist graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a B.S in organizational leadership. He was contracted by the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets to play for them before he focused on his passion for business and founded Fanlink Inc. In 2001, he was appointed the executive deputy head of iS3 an anti-malware software company.

Three years into the company, he realized that most digital service contractors had below average customer services and clients kept complaining. Together with his partners, they opted to move on from iS3 and start up their own initiative and thus co-founded ATS digital services LLC. Robert Deignan sought a group of tech wizards with the ability to combine good customer care with their digital technology knowledge and employed them to work with him.

The company that thrives on thorough customer-focused compliance has grown into a culture of prioritizing consumer needs to ensure they are happy. ATS is the first company in the industry to be recognized and be certified by AppEsteem, a company that certifies Apps. AppEsteem compiles its qualifications from legal regulators, consumer groups, security companies and software dealers. In January when ATS did its company reviews and realized they had met all 39 parameters required for call Center certification, Robert said it was easy for them to work towards getting certified then notify the AppEsteem partners of how they handled their customers with the highest level of attentiveness.

ATS has many experts in setups, activation and cellular repairs who are well conversant with their tools. Robert Deignan is glad that now more consumers are warming up to the idea of using remote technologies to rectify their machines when need be. Most clients have allowed ATS to access their systems and can get assistance through just a phone call. When it comes to physical difficulties like installing a sound system or setting up smart technologies, ATS sends a skilled team that handles them professionally.

Louis Chenevert Best Career Years

The legacy of Louis Chenevert in the United Technologies Corporation is something that has rose the curiosity of many individuals on how he did it.

Louis Chenevert had a normal childhood. He never had anything extraordinary as a baby besides being a self-driven individual. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management. His lecturers were impressed by his enthusiasm in class. They knew he was destined for greatness.

After his University education, Guy Hachey employed him in General Motors. Hachey was a year and a half ahead of him. Hachey says that Chenevert was the best executive he ever worked with in his career. At the time, they were young individuals hungry for success. They had the same goals and objectives. They both wanted the company to be successful and attain the high positions of the company. Hachey says that he promoted Chenevert to replace him every time he got a promotion. The two entrepreneurs are still friends and have a lot to share about their past success.

Louis Chenevert Way to UTC

Although things were working out well in the General Motors, it was time to move on and get greener pastures as well as unlock the other potential in him.

Fortunately, the Pratt & Whitney Company hired him. The Pratt & Whitney Company is an engine manufacturing company. The unit where he was working improved tremendously, and he got a promotion six years later as their President.

The Pratt & Whitney Company was a branch of the United Technologies Corporation at the moment. When they say the changes that Louis was making in the company, they hired him as their Chief Executive Officer, a decision they have never regretted.

The Impact of Chenevert’s Decisions in UTC

Louis Chenevert made significant contributions in UTC. He raised the values of the shares of the company by almost 200%. This was a great improvement given that the nation was going through a serious financial crisis.

Louis Chenevert also reduced the green gas emissions and water consumption making the company’s eco-friendly and hence more acceptable in many nations.

Lori Senecal Leaves Marketing

The advertising business recently bid farewell to one of their top players when Lori Senecal stepped down from her position of the Global CEO of the creative agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Lori Senecal has had several years of leadership experience in the advertising industry and leaves the business with a great record of success and happy clients. Her departure was announced in March 2017 and her finals days with the company were in December. Lori Senecal’s exit from the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky is one of several that the company has experienced in the last year and a half. Fortunately for CP+B, plans were laid out privately between herself and the company’s Chairman Chuck Porter when she began with the company in 2015. For more details visit Bloomberg.




Lori Senecal was inspired to leadership roles while she was coaching gymnastics during her college and high school years. While she enjoyed the sport, she felt that her height would hinder her when it came to herself competing. Lori Senecal learned to be consistent and set goals during her time as a gymnastics coach, skills that stuck with her through the entirety of her advertising career. Instead of being judgmental, she put an emphasis on clear communication which helped her achieve the type of vision that she needed in the business world. Check out



In order to make money in the advertising industry, Lori Senecal needs to ensure that her clients make money and are happy with the campaign that her company has provided. Becoming profitable in the business was a process for Lori Senecal and she took it one step at a time. She started by landing a few clients with good products and took her time developing campaigns for them that had an impact. She and the teams she has worked with all had a strong passion for creativity which is one of the driving forces behind their success. Her vision and work ethic helped her companies achieve success and a profit faster than most marketing agencies of the day. You can visit their Twitter page.



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Whitney Wolfe Keeps Bumble On The Cutting Edge

It makes no difference if you are a man or a woman. There is still something that you can acquire from Bumble. It is true that Whitney Wolfe has called Bumble the feminist dating app, but it is an app that benefits both sexes. Women are going to benefit from the fact that they make the first move with exciting twist on dating. It has become one of the better dating apps for those that are trying to cut down on the amount of sexual harassment that women are facing in the dating app world. This is the plan that Whitney Wolfe had in mind, and it is proof positive that her design was something that was needed.

There are a ton of apps that surface and eventually fizzle out as the hype dies down. Whitney Wolfe has made sure the Bumble has not been one of these apps that fizzled out after the initial curiosity about this application died down.

In fact, Bumble has become even more successful over time because Whitney Wolfe has expanded the application. She has added other compartments to Bumble that have managed to make this a general social media app. It is true that it is still in the infancy stage, but there is so much with Bumble that people can utilize it for.

It has been able to thrive even though some people that are using it are not single. This is where Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz thrive. It is the general social media outlet where they can vibe with friends and make network connections. This is all part of the growing amount of fascination with apps that allow people to do everything without leaving the app.

Facebook has been trying to adapt this by allowing people to create their own 24 stories. This is very similar to what Snapchat offers. Apps like this are evolving because people want to be able to do things in different formats whether it be video or pictures, but they do not want to have a bevy of different apps downloaded to do these different things.

Whitney Wolfe has paid attention to this, and she has made it possible for more people to do more under one application than the average person is able to do through Instagram or SnapChat. All that people have to do is switch between Bumble dating, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

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5 Proved Traits of a Successful Investor with Jose Hawilla

The only way you will learn how to be a successful investor is through intensive learning and commitment to your work. Many factors have led to the success of the prominent people we know in the state. Although the investors are all different and unique in their own way, they have some character traits that they share. Here are some of the traits;


  1. Relentless Focus


All the prominent people are focused on their work and the goals that they set. They don’t allow anything to come between them and success.

Even when they come along a tempting offer, they let it go and focus on their initial project until it bears fruits. For more details visit LinkedIn.


  1. Discipline in Task Evaluation


Discipline in business is everything. There are so many aspects that require an individual to be disciplined to gain. A good example is the financial sector of a firm; aimless spending will lead to the downfall of an organization.


  1. They Do Not Procrastinate


Many entrepreneurs suffer from procrastination. They wait until the deadline and rush to complete the project. Successful investors do not suffer from this defect. They plan their tasks and evaluate them at the right time. This helps in ensuring there are no mistakes in their work.


  1. Delegation of Tasks


Some investors behave like they know everything there is to know. This is far from reality; you need to hire other people to help you with tasks that you may not understand.

Reducing the workload also gives you extra time to think about new projects that may benefit the company.


  1. They are Critical Thinkers


Successful investors are critical thinkers. They do not panic when something unexpected happens in the firm.




They use their guts and personal knowledge to come up with a solution to the problem in question. You, therefore, need to be creative and innovative to be successful.


Jose Hawilla is an example of a successful investor who has the above traits. Hawilla is the owner of the biggest sports marketing firm in Brazil: Traffic Sports.


He began the company together with his partners after losing his job. Jose Hawilla began with very few resources, but his focus and determination are now benefiting him.



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