Construcap Involvement in Brazilian Construction Industry

One look at Brazilian infrastructure on and you will conclude that it is indeed growing. Buildings are cropping up everywhere, which is a sign that the real estate industry in the country has been busy. According to statistics, civil infrastructure contributes up to 5% of the country’s GDP.

A Rise in Home Building in Brazil

By November last year, statistics showed a drop in homebuilding in Brazil. This decrease was associated with unemployment and high levels of inflation on YouTube. However, this year came with better things with home builders showing interest in the industry.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian government and the homebuilders at agreed on new industry rules that give the homeowners the right to retain 9-15% of the of the units value in case a buyer cancels a purchase. This law provides more transparency between buyers and the construction companies. Withy new rule in place, construction companies, will no longer have to worry about being battered by cancellations.

Construcap Construction Company

Construcap is one of the major construction companies in Brazil and is a private company. It was founded in 1944 and operates as a subsidiary of Construcap Group. Construcap is located in San Pedro, Brazil and offers construction services which include procurement, electro-mechanic, heavy construction, structured construction, engineering, design, building, and pre-construction.

Construcap mainly involves in industries such as infrastructure, oil & gas, power, automotive, mining & metals, and manufacturing. It has 6000 employees and counts its success on various projects it has completed successfully. Construcap actively involves in social responsibility and environmental conservation while still focusing on continuous development and technological innovation.

Successful Projects

Construcap has carried many successful projects one of them being Gaviao Branco facility. The project that was finished up by the beginning of 2016 is a natural gas development project. Construcap was involved with the general procurement services, construction and commissioning the startup of 8.5million cubic meters gas daily.

Successful completion of this project by Construcap portrayed experience in construction workforce in Brazil. It also proved the company’s reputation of completing projects on time and within the set budget. The project also acted a milestone for Construcap to strengthen its relationship with Fluor.