From Startup to Empire: How Fabletics Leverages the Power of the Crowd

Today is a consumer-centric world in terms of retail. Consumers have a vast array of buying choices and the power of the digital realm means that they can easily find the best price with just a few taps. In fact, one in three customers now actually price shops online while they are in a physical retail store.


That’s why brands like Fabletics are choosing to go digital first for their consumer experience. Fabletics, a membership-based athletic wear company, has a smart and modern marketing plan to reach people using leveraging the power of the crowd. A recent study by BrightLocal showed that 84% of consumers now trust online reviews just as much as they trust a word-of-mouth review. This statistic has soared over the past few years as review options continue to grow.

Fabletics uses the power of the online crowd to gain new customers and to build a unique customer experience that feels highly personal. Fabletics utilizes crowd-sourced reviews from its members. These reviews are highly specific, often include pictures and have helped build what feels like a strong online community of Fabletics members. Fans review on places like Facebook, Instagram, Google and a variety of other online platforms.


When considering enrolling in a membership-based subscription to Fabletics, seeing the wonderful reviews already out there can help tip the scales to make that final decision to become a Fabletics member. Fabletics also decided to bring the entire experience in a digital platform. The company has just a handful of locations in select cities. This has become a trend that more and more companies are following, saving overhead and allowing people to enjoy a shopping experience from their computer or phone.


Spearheaded by actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a true success story in both the startup and fashion worlds. The company was launched just a few short years ago and has already gained over a million paying members that receive Fabletics outfits each month. The company has generated over $250 million in revenue and saw an incredible growth rate of 200%. The company has proven to be a true disruptor in the way people everywhere by athletic wear and clothing in general.


Kate Hudson is very active at Fabletics. When she joined the project she did not want to simply be a spokesperson for the brand, but be a part of the leadership team. She typically joins meetings, works on advertising strategy and monitors sales data on a weekly basis to keep up with what pieces are trending. She noted that she would never become the face of a brand she didn’t truly believe in and would wear.


Fabletics also has a unique Lifestyle Quiz on the company website. The quiz consists of just a few simple questions that will ask you about things like your personal style, exercise preference and sizing. Once you complete the quiz, Fabletics has a unique algorithm that will completely modify your user experience on the site. From then on, every piece of clothing shipped to you will be tailored to meet your unique preferences. Pretty cool, right?

How Fabletics’ Customer Service has facilitated its Success

Fabletics is one of the United States’ leading manufacturers of athleisure wear products. The brand has been in business since 2013 and has tremendously grown. It has currently earned about $235 million. According to the marketing leader of TechStyle, which is the mother company of Fabletics, its growth can be attributed to dedication to fulfilling the desires of the customers. The founder of the enterprise, Kate Hudson, has been ensuring that she considers opinions of the clients whenever she develops its strategies. A significant population of the United States lives a digital life, and therefore, they use the internet to get information about products before buying them. According to most consumers, crown sourced reviews are the most reliable source of information.


Many brands that have been successful in their respective industries have a section that allows clients to post reviews on their websites. This feature is important since it enables customers to get reliable information about products. Enterprises that earn positive remarks from the public attract many new and return customers. The income of a business is significantly affected by the way clients think about its products and services. Corporations that get positive public reviews are highly rated by Google and other search engines, and this makes them appear on the first page whenever they are searched. A company that has positive online remarks can attract clients who have never used its products to try them.


Fabletics has been using excellent customer service strategies that have enabled it to retain more than 85 percent of its clients. Most of the new individuals that join the company’s subscription plan know about it through referrals. This shows that having healthy relationships with consumers plays a great role in the success of a business. The number of internet users that have been visiting review websites has risen in the past few years. Many shoppers wish to get more information about the products that they buy and also enlighten the public after they use them. Fabletics has been utilizing the opinions that customers give to ensure that it offers them the best products.


Kate Hudson has been marketing Fabletics’ products since she is the face of the company. She has been participating in the business’ management and development of outstanding strategies that can ensure its success in the highly competitive industry. Product designers also seek for her guidance whenever it is necessary. Hudson knows the athleisure wear designs that are preferred by most people by tracking the weekly sales of the company.


The remarkable customer service of the Fabletics has enabled it to attract more than one million subscribers. Kate Hudson has ensured that all clients receive after sales services such as free deliveries and gifts. The brand has also opened brick-and-mortar stores to supplement its online business. The shops have boosted Fabletics’ sells since they increase its accessibility. The enterprise intends to increase the number of physical stores that it owns. Its main competitors in the athleisure wear business are Amazon and Athleta.

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