The Man With A Lot To Say On Twitter About The Economy

If you only had one person that you could turn to for economic opinions and advice on Twitter, who would that person be? For many people, the answer is Shervin Pishevar. It is okay if you have not heard of him before, because you are probably about to hear of him in the not so distant future. He is the kind of person who is hard not to hear about once you know who he is.

Shervin Pishevar has made a big name for himself by being someone who is involved with the investment world. He made his first big splash when he was an early investor in Uber. Although Uber is a household name today, it was not back when Shervin Pishevar first got involved with it. He had to take a risk to even make an investment in it in the first place. That is just the thing with early investments. You get paid off big if you are one of the first one in on them.

These days, Shervin Pishevar takes to Twitter to put out the information that he believes is accurate when it comes to investing. You can see his thoughts on anything that happens to be going on in the economy at any time via his Twitter. This is very rewarding to those who follow his profile because it means that they get to gain insights about how Shervin Pishevar views the world that they would not otherwise have. Since he has been so right in his personal life about certain investments, it kind of just makes sense that we might also trust him to make some good calls on the economy in general.

Lately, Pishevar has taken to doing tweet storms. This is when a Twitter profile tweets on the same subject or series of subjects for many tweets in a row. He did this about the economy. He talked about how he feels that a twenty percent decline in the stock market is a strong likelihood. He also thinks that Bitcoin could suffer some the same magnitude of losses as well. These along with many other ideas are still available for you to check out on his Twitter account now.

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