Jeunesse Global Product Review

Based on the number nine, which symbolizes longevity, Jeunesse Global sells a collection of products called the “Y.E.S. System “, or Youth Empowerment System. The collection contains nine harmonious supplements, cosmetics, and skincare products that combine to provide impressive benefits and were designed to work in conjunction with each other. Read the article at

The nine products in the Y.E.S. System work together to rejuvenate, defend, diminish, restore, enhance, balance, energize, beautify, and clarify your skin and body for a youthful glow. There are two skincare products- Instantly Ageless and Luminesce. Instantly Ageless is a micro cream that lasts six to nine hours and reduces winkles by increasing skin elasticity. Luminesce is an dermatologist developed anti-aging skincare line with eight products. It gives a youthful glow by hydrating skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the exclusive healing agent ADT-200. Also including ADT-200 is their cosmetics line, NV, which includes three products- a primer, foundation, and bronzer- that give a professional and airbrushed look. The remaining six products in the system are health supplements. There are AM and PM Essentials, a proprietary blend mixed with a days worth of vitamins and minerals. There are two supplement drinks: Reserve, filled with antioxidants to fight free radicals, and Mind, which is made with ingredients clinically proven to support memory. Finiti is a capsule of a unique blend of fruits and vegetables. There is also an energy drink, Nevo. And finally, the Zen Bodi system, which is a program built to curb appetite and build muscle.



Founded in 2009, Jeunesse Global is an innovative company offering anti-aging skincare, health supplements, and cosmetics. Created by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the technology driven company offers one of the most rewarding compensation plans on the market today. They currently have over a thousand sellers in their business. Their mission is to create a positive impact on the world by changing lives through empowerment. The nine product lines sold by Jeunesse Global work together to create a gorgeous and youthful look and body. Sold by thousands of direct sellers, this is one of the most unique systems on the market today. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Bloomberg.


Waiakea Water Company is Hawaiian based company that is conscious of the environment and its surroundings. They mainly deal with bottled water and their water is produced in a way that will make you want to try it out. Their methods are quite environmentally friendly. Their success is proof that ideas can bring forth great, pactful results and that we should not abandon our environment for our own personal business.

Its production of bottled water in a unique way has a positive effect on the world and the people. The founder of this company is Ryann Emmons, who was inspired by the Hawaiian culture where he used to spend his holidays as a young man. Ryann Emmons saw the value of land and people around it instead of the wealth and trying to accumulate it without caring about the people on the land. Ryann and his family had access to the Mauna Loa Volcano from which the historical volcanic water is derived. This granted him the inspiration he wanted to create another better option where people would not have to hurt the environment.

As if that is not enough, Waiakea goes ahead from protecting and contributing to the wellness of the environment, the company goes deeper to even contribute to charity. Just to make sure the community is living well and those who are not well up can be able to enjoy life courtesy of Waiakea Water Company. Waiakea through their partners Pump Aid, are able to donate more than 600 litres of clean water to needy places after selling their bottled water. The company has even localized itself to the Hawaiian people with the awareness to the protection of land which is seen from, production to packaging and finally the charities to the people.

The company has developed a unique bottle that with degrade within 15 years. This is a reduction of 98% lifespan of the other kind of bottles that have a lifespan of up to 2,500 years. Unlike other companies who pay more attention to the profit-making and forget completely about the environment, which has led to the destruction of the ozone layer which has exposed us to the dangers that are beginning to show itself, Waiakea has taken into consideration the importance of the environment. This has made some companies have a bad public image as they show no remorse even when doing this kind of harm.

Waiakea’s water is normally produced in the most natural way possible as even filtration is done in the purest way possible. This is where the excess water from other sources pass through Mauna Loa’s volcanic rock in form of a stream till they get to their destination which is Waiakea’s aquifers.

The Best in Anesthesiology Care

Life is full of challenges, missteps, accidents, and injuries. No matter the race, color, or creed of a person, everyone has felt this wrath at some point or another. Fortunately, we live in a very contemporary world that uses a lot of innovative technology. Anesthesia services are vital for medical procedures and without it, getting through medical procedures would be down right impossible. Anesthesia helps the body to relax physically and mentally. There is one organization that stands out from the rest and it’s located right here in the U.S.

Austin, Texas’ very Capital Anesthesiology Association is that organization and it is setting new trends and changing the current status quo. CAA has grown dramatically since it’s inception back in the early 70’s and as of today, it is one of the nation’s largest independent practices of clinical staff that specializes in anesthesiology. Whether it’s for regional, cardiothoracic, obstetric, pediatric, or general services, CAA is the best in the business hands down. For those who are seeking a career in this field of work, CAA does a great job at educating and training nurses, nurse anesthetists, medical students, and paramedics.

This is clinical excellence at it’s best and Capital Anesthesiology Association epitomizes this notion better than most others. This team of skilled professionals take their jobs serious and the long list of satisfied clients is a true testament of success.