Sussex Healthcare Appoints New CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is an independent home care facility that provides support services to patients dealing with serious medical conditions. Located in Sussex, Great Britain it was founded in 1985. They operate over 20 facilities with an estimated 600 beds. They provide quality care to the elderly and patients suffering with dementia and neurological conditions. They also offer aid to patients with physical and learning disabilities.

Recently, they have appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as their new Chief Executive Officer. She has over thirty years of experience working in the health and social industries. Since she has been appointed, she is becoming familiar with the facility, management and staff. She is settling in to her new position and looking forward to making a difference.

At Sussex Healthcare, patients are treated with compassion and support. Their employees provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients and help them maintain an excellent quality of life. Sussex Healthcare takes care of the elderly and offers residential care. The staff is well equipped to meet the health and social needs of its patients. They provide meals and involve patients in extracurricular activities that include crafts, music and art therapy. Patients have access to physical and occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and reflexology.


Additionally, Sussex Healthcare takes care of people with physical and learning disabilities. They offer care to all age groups and have nurses available 24 hours a day. They have an experienced team and offer track hoisting, multi-sensory rooms and spa pools as a form of therapy for these patients. They treat patients with dementia and provide training to staff to ensure these patients are cared for properly. They also care for the terminally ill and offer End of Life care to individuals.

Sussex Health is not your regular home care facility. They take pride in treating their patients well and providing them with high exceptional health care. They go above and beyond for their patients and deliver specialized care. They offer a personable approach to caring for patients and supporting family members. They are an established home care facility, with an outstanding reputation and meets the need of the growing elderly population.

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