FreedomPop Service Is Available Through Their Website Or A Retailer

Many people can’t get to a retailer that sells FreedomPop phones and services, so going to the website is the next best thing. Anyone who isn’t able to make a purchase in a Walmart or other retail stores that have FreedomPop services can go directly to the website to make a purchase, especially if they need to purchase a sim card for their GSM phone. Those who have a GSM phone that’s been network unlocked can bring it over to FreedomPop, which is something that they now support. FreedomPop has no problem with customers that want to bring their own phone, especially since they’ll be saving money on service.

FreedomPop has unlimited services starting at a mere $19.99 with additional plans available for those who want more 4G LTE data. Those who are using a GSM phone must have a sim card that is provided by FreedomPop, and the 3-in-1 sim card is currently on sale based on a FreedomPop review, for only $0.99.

The majority of other cell phone companies will charge up to a whopping $20 or even $25 for their sim card, so it’s a saving grace to some people that FreedomPop provides their sim card for such a low price, especially for those who need new service. Order the sim card directly from the FreedomPop website to have it shipped out as soon as possible, and the sim card should be received in the mail within just a few days but in a week at the most. Those who have an unlocked cell phone can simply insert the activated FreedomPop sim card into their phone to start using their service.

Choosing a FreedomPop plan is up to the customer, especially since unlimited plans are available, paid plans are available, and a free cell phone plan is available too. Anyone who doesn’t want to dish out any cash for a cell phone plan can use FreedomPop’s free plan to get 200 MB of data, 500 text messages, and they’ll also get 200 minutes of talk time.

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