Mike Heiligenstein’s Impact on MoPac projects

Mike Heiligenstein has been a vocal person in matters related to securing and safeguarding the lives of pedestrians and bicycle users. For over 30 years as a public official, he has founded and participated as a board member in numerous infrastructure projects with the aim of making the City of Texas a better place.

Education Background

The University of Texas is the place where Mike acquired his degree in Government, Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Government. Heiligenstein is a competent speaker who speaks to groups within Texas and internationally on various matters about infrastructure and more particularly transportation and how to solve the problems that face the industry.

Mike’s Achievements

Under the leadership of Mike at the Mobility Authority as the executive director, the company has been able to grow from a startup transportation agency to be recognized nationally as the leading firm in toll road operations. Under him, the firm developed the first toll road, 183A, and efficiently maximized implementing cutting edge technologies.

According to Mike, the recent MoPac project will ensure that traffic flow is regulated due to the new building of express lanes. The innovative idea will at least reduce congestion on the road with a significant figure. However, the project is not big enough to eliminate the problem of congestion entirely. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/print-edition/2014/01/10/fifteen-minutes-with-mike.html

Heiligenstein believes that the project will at least get the roads moving by the elimination of delays on the roads for people who are looking forward to attending job interviews and other urgent matters that have been previously hindered by complex road challenges for years.

The current road construction will be implementing the future technology to ensure that there are beautiful roads to serve the citizens. Therefore, Mr. Mike believes that the construction of express lanes will be successful and that all the stakeholders involved will play their respective roles effectively. He also wishes that technology will embed fiber lines along South projects and airport.

He also promises that the new infrastructure development will lead to the generation of an app that will integrate the traffic monitoring system to ensure real-time traffic updates with alternative routes for easy commuting.

According to the report that he gave, Mike is encouraging passengers to embrace other commuting alternatives such as walking and pedaling where applicable to minimize traffic jams.

He states that it is not a good practice to have multiple vehicles on the road with empty seats while their users could have reached to their destinations earlier and easier using other traveling methods like walking and cycling. These personal cars bring more congestion in the country. His technological activities will bring mobility solutions.