Cotemar is the Unsung Hero of Oil Production

For the past decade, the world’s oil producers have been taken by storm by the shale revolution in North America, particularly in the United States. However, since most of the new focus and notoriety has been aimed at the shale producers on, offshore oil producers, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, have gone unnoticed. The oil reserves buried underneath the Gulf of Mexico’s depths are still in abundance, and many of the leading exploration and production oil companies still maintain a presence in the region in the form of offshore oil rigs. As one would correctly assume, it is a massive undertaking to provide support to these oil rigs. Mexican company Cotemar does just that, serving the offshore oil industry for over thirty-six years now.

It acquired specialized boats that could be used to transport and house oil rig workers as well as to serve as floating maintenance facilities to oil rigs erected in the Gulf. In 1985, Cotemar introduced platforms that anchored in the Gulf that would serve as housing for oil rig workers, allowing less transit time for these workers to get to their respective oil rigs. The 1990’s saw the company expand to five more of these platforms and add three vessels to its fleet. The last several years has seen Cotemar continue to focus on acquiring specialized vessels and even added specialized cranes that can further be used to facilitate oil rig maintenance on Throughout its history, the company has been sure to keep true to its values of integrity, innovation, collaboration and responsibility in order to keep expanding its business.

As it was when Cotemar first started operations, a large portion of its business is the transportation and housing of oil rig personnel. However, Cotemar has become an all-encompassing oil rig services company on It has a fleet of specialized vessels that have onboard cranes that are used to provide full scope maintenance and even assembly of oil rigs and offshore processing complexes. For older rigs and processing complexes, Cotemar even provides modernization services so that the exploration and production companies operating this equipment can continue drilling for and processing oil without the burdensome cost of out-right replacement.

As the world’s energy demand continues to increase, oil will continue to be energy’s main source. New technology in the offshore drilling industry will ensure that leading oil producers will maintain oil drilling rigs and facilities in the oil rich Gulf of Mexico. See: