How Drew Madden’s Work As A Health Entrepreneur Is Important To A Bloated Inefficient Industry

Healthcare has been an industry that both the public and private sectors have spent a lot of money in in the US. In fact, an article by TechCrunch stated that the US spends three times as much in healthcare than what any other nation does, but at the end of the day they still have one of the most inefficient health systems. The fix for this issue is not a simple one, but experts like Drew Madden, who have both business leadership skills and know how treatment and payment systems work are working on solutions.

An area that some experts feel can boost the quality of healthcare is having more patient data sent to the cloud in which physicians can access it. This kind of data analytics and quicker access for doctors can cut down on paperwork, make diagnosing easier for them, and give them better knowledge of treatment options. Emergency services such as ambulance costs also have been a big part of healthcare costs to patients and sometimes unnecessarily. One suggestion has been to cut down on the use of ambulances through using different transportation methods as well as live streaming services to assess the situation and not use ambulances unnecessarily. An Uber model may even be a transportation system hospitals should consider. Better methods both in medicine and emergency services are what firms like Evergreen Healthcare Partners are working on, and Drew Madden is a leader here.

Drew Madden has been a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners since 2016 and his particular expertise is in corporate team building and implementing healthcare technology. Madden attended the University of Iowa and received his bachelor’s in engineering in medical sciences from there. He served at Cerner Corporation as a consultant for a few years before joining EpicCare first as an Inpatient and Willow consultant before moving into the business development wing of the organization. Madden then became an executive for Nordic Consulting Partners serving as president until 2016, after which he joined Evergreen.