Kim Dao Spends the Day Anime Shopping in Tokyo

“Anime Shopping in Tokyo & Maid Café ft. Sunnydahye” is a video from Kim Dao with a guest appearance by her friend Sunny. In it she explores the famed Akihabara to find the best anime products and goodies that can be found. Kim Dao and Sunny start out in ‘Maid Dreaming,’ a popular maid café. They enjoy their time together at the maid café, even stopping to pose for pictures with the gracious staff at Maid Dreaming. You can see the wonderful singing performances put on by the lovely maids who work at the café. It is truly an all-around entertaining experience. The food that is brought out to Sunny and Kim Dao looks as appetizing as it is cute. They even have dessert at the end, which Sunny mentions she enjoyed the most. You can tell that careful time and attention was put into making those delightful dishes. Kim Dao and Sunny then go shopping for different items at the local shops. There are so many costumes and trinkets to choose from in these stores that you could spend all day in them. It’s truly an anime lovers dream spot. Kim Dao and Sunny then end their eventful day by playing video games at the arcade.

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