End Citizens United Case: File Against Florida Governor Violating Campaigns

The American Bridge made allegation reports about the aspiring Florida senator and candidate Rick Scott received some donations from executives that run private equities. In the allegations, they reported that Rick Scott had got the benefits. In 2010, the SEC had ruled and prohibited expressly the financial firms to avoid funding campaigning officials and they end up influencing state pension investments. This made PAC roll out the donations for the New Republican. During that time, Scott was the one holding the chairmanship of the group even in 2017 May. The reports say that there were more than $3 million benefits that the firm received and it had been traced to come from Florida investments. The reason why PAC had ruled that was to allow in protection decision of the investments because it was being influenced by politics. The chance was given to an organization called End Citizens United and they were the ones to charge for any allegations.

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It was after Scott announced in the Congress the will to fight for Florida senatorial sit using the Bill Nelson’s Democratic position. What came after is a complain that was forwarded to Federal Election Commission. The report talked of him breaking the law. The organization that was against him is End Citizens United and headed by Adam Bozzi. He had made some prediction failure where Scot was tempted in serving his personal interest and then manipulate the law. He is the End Citizens United communication director. ECU is a political action committee that aims to get the big money out of politics. What he has been thinking is that the people of Florida are lacking trust with Scott and it is making him try to bring “shady political tricks” so they aren’t expecting him to look after them.

Adam was trying to express the organization concern by reporting Scott because he had violated the federal law. This was to call for an immediate investigation into the allegations that were raised. It is only the Federal Election Commission that had the right and mandate to investigate him for the allegations. Bozzi also talked about the existing evidence with End Citizens United which the aspiring senator wanted to use so that he could advance politically and amount to a better significant degree.

In some of the evidence he had, was that Scott been using Jenny Drucker as the fundraiser. The other complaint was that PAC was sharing a similar address with his political organizations which were recorded by FEC February filing according to ballotpedia.org. They talked of Scott as the largest fraud in the nation’s history.