Jacob Gottlieb Has A New Focus With Altium

Perhaps his most well-known business venture in the market is acting as the Chief Executive Officer for his former company, Visium Asset Management. Jacob Gottlieb’s former company was doing well in the market, though there were some members in management that started taking advantage of their positions. Because of this, the company was forced to close, though Jacob was not involved in any scandalous activities. Unfortunately, Jacob did have to deal with costs and closing down the company for over a year. This is why Jacob has re-entered the market so soon, despite saying he wanted to take a break. Jacob’s new firm, Altium Capital, is focused on investing in the healthcare sector.

At the moment, Altium Capital is a small company that has technically not even started off on its journey yet. The few employees that are currently working for the company are only managing some of the assets that Jacob currently has behind the company. During the closure of his former company, Jacob was not able to get any compensation for his efforts or closing down the company, despite all the fees he had to pay for something that was ultimately not his fault. Right now, Jacob is making sure he has everything planned out and ready to succeed before he even begins to start investing in his new corporation.

The healthcare industry is growing every year, which is why Jacob Gottlieb believe sit is a good idea to get behind them through investments. Also, Jacob has a background in the healthcare industry through his own companies, Visium Asset Management and his own time as a doctor as well. While it is unknown to most, the first practice Jacob was focused on was medicine, which is why he chose healthcare as the focus for Visium as well as Altium.