Key contributions of the Oncotarget in the health sector

One of the famous Oncotarget’s journals that has had the most views is Oncotargets and Therapy. The journal revolves around and focuses on the pathological basis of cancer diseases. Among the key things discussed in the article are not limited to the potential targets for the therapy as well as the various treatment protocols that can be used to improve the lifestyle and management of cancer patients. Other key things that the journal still focuses on is the impact of the various management programs that are used in the treatment procedures.

Through Oncotarget, there is much that has managed to be met including the protocols on the patient perspectives that have helped in the improvement of a quality life, adherence and satisfaction of the cancer patients. Through the help of the journal, there has been a possibility to realize the evidence and understand better both the new and the existing therapies being employed to combat the disease. With Oncotarget efforts, it has been possible to improve both the outcomes of the patients as well as pursue a technique to define their usage and acceptance by the healthcare professionals. Check Oncotarget at

More about Oncotarget, it has been one of the most outstanding journals with most of its researches majoring in oncology and cancer research. The key researches and information documented through the journal have not only been useful to those who major in cancer researches, but it has been pride to all those in the field of medicine. Through the contributions that the journal has been making, there have been calls from NIH for a need to support the investigators working in the oncology field. Learn more at

In the latest ranking, the journal has been ranked as the first position in all the total documents published since 2015. Since the publications of the journal were established, it has continued to play a significant role in the provision of information about basic science research papers. Key to the things that have helped the journal maintain its position is its consistent editorial practices. More to this, it has also been key at following ethical guidelines. Due to a high demand of the journal, the publications of the journal has been increased to two days a week.

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