Lori Senecal Global CEO – Mission

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of the CP+B company and its branches, oversees the global growth and expansion of her companies, managing all ten international offices on her own and focusing the company on global development. Her vision is a modern global agency that is inventive, agile, and collaborative, offering consistency across all of the branches she oversees. Winning many, many awards and taking her previous business from a domestic agency to a worldwide one, accelerating their success at an incredible rate, Lori focuses on productivity and regular communication to reach her successes. Lori claims that brand messaging has shifted to brand actions, with brands now taking action and behaviors that actively change the culture around them. They give reason for the consumer to believe in their brand, their mission, and their purpose, through this advertising strategy. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Lori approaches her leadership position with equal amounts of vision and follow through. She stands by the system that a great idea is only great if it actually happens, so it’s important to be as focused as possible on the execution of great ideas to ensure her vision is realized and tangible. Lori Senecal advises those who wish to climb the ladder she has to have confidence in themselves and not get distracted by fear and anxiety. Everything in the world always seems scarier and bigger than they actually are when you experience them for the first time, but as long as you stay focused and dedicate your energy to pushing forward, you are bound to create a more positive outcome than you would have otherwise. Lori Senecal also cites the need for a support system, as she had multiple people throughout her career that supported her and helped her along her way, helping her accomplish what she has so far and believing in her indefinitely.



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