Mathew Fleeger As The CEO And President Of Gulf Coast Western

Mathew Fleeger is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Today Mathew Fleeger is among great entrepreneurs listed in the international who’s, who business professionals. Mathew Fleeger has a degree in business administration which he obtained from Southern Methodist University. After graduating Mathew decided to implement his marketing and finance skills in oil and gas companies here he was given executive positions.

Currently, Mathew serves as the president and chief executive officer of gulf coast western which is the managing venture of oil and gas partnerships. Gulf coast western is a family owned business and has been existing since 1990. The company has grown through partnerships and is located in various areas such as Colorado, Texas, Mississippi as well as in Louisiana. One of the partnerships formed by gulf coast is with orbit energy, and it has enabled the company to develop more prospects in Beauregard, Cameron, Evangeline, Acadia, ST. Landry parishes and Allen. The partnerships formed between gulf coast and other companies has enabled the company to maximize its production. As years went, Gulf coast managed to acquire 50 percent of assets and working interests. Under the leadership of Mathew Fleeger, Gulf coast formed another partnership with Northcote. The partnership with Northcote enabled the company to expand its operations in Shoats Creek located in Louisiana Beauregard Parish.

Gulf coast western is a philanthropist as it does not only focus on oil and gas but also financially supporting charities as well as non – profit organizations around the world. Mathew Fleeger is proud of the development and growth of the gulf coast since he joined. During an interview, Mathew says that his important leadership quality is that he has a positive attitude in the face of hardship and challenges. Today Mathew Fleeger is highly recognized all over the world for his expertise in oil and gas, his strategic planning as well as his great entrepreneurial skills.