Doe Deere Living The Dream

Doe Deere has a fascinating story to share with other young women about her achieving her dream. She is one very successful entrepreneur that carved out a path for her own amazing success. Certainly, Deere is an original. She is hard to ignore, with pastel hair and a very colorful personality to match. The Queen of the Unicorns hopes that her rather unconventional success story will inspire young women to follow their dreams and succeed too. The Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics shared her beginnings in a recent interview. Read the interview here.

Doe Deere’s Unconventional Beginnings
Doe Deere was only about 17 years old when she moved to the United States with only a dream to guide her to success. Deere had plenty of ambition. The United States was the perfect place to explore those very ambitious desires. Her first endeavors were within the music industry. Later on, Deere created a fashion line, but ended up in makeup. Deere became a true New Yorker. She lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Deere still has very fond memories of the place. In fact, she met her musician husband during those early years. During those years, Deere learned to simply follow her heart. She believes that this is the way to achieve dreams and make them come true. Deere started a makeup company that seemed very unconventional too.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere has a very unconventional philosophy about her makeup line that she likes to share with others. Deere believes that makeup gives herself and other women the freedom to be themselves. Certainly, some women are always trying to be someone else or look like someone else. Therefore, they wear the conventional makeup that you might see advertised in magazines. However, Lime Crime appeals to women that are interested in just being themselves.

Doe Deere firmly believes that makeup is all about freedom of expression. Lime Crime is the perfect product to release that creativity and feel really good about yourself.

FreedomPop Service Is Available Through Their Website Or A Retailer

Many people can’t get to a retailer that sells FreedomPop phones and services, so going to the website is the next best thing. Anyone who isn’t able to make a purchase in a Walmart or other retail stores that have FreedomPop services can go directly to the website to make a purchase, especially if they need to purchase a sim card for their GSM phone. Those who have a GSM phone that’s been network unlocked can bring it over to FreedomPop, which is something that they now support. FreedomPop has no problem with customers that want to bring their own phone, especially since they’ll be saving money on service.

FreedomPop has unlimited services starting at a mere $19.99 with additional plans available for those who want more 4G LTE data. Those who are using a GSM phone must have a sim card that is provided by FreedomPop, and the 3-in-1 sim card is currently on sale based on a FreedomPop review, for only $0.99.

The majority of other cell phone companies will charge up to a whopping $20 or even $25 for their sim card, so it’s a saving grace to some people that FreedomPop provides their sim card for such a low price, especially for those who need new service. Order the sim card directly from the FreedomPop website to have it shipped out as soon as possible, and the sim card should be received in the mail within just a few days but in a week at the most. Those who have an unlocked cell phone can simply insert the activated FreedomPop sim card into their phone to start using their service.

Choosing a FreedomPop plan is up to the customer, especially since unlimited plans are available, paid plans are available, and a free cell phone plan is available too. Anyone who doesn’t want to dish out any cash for a cell phone plan can use FreedomPop’s free plan to get 200 MB of data, 500 text messages, and they’ll also get 200 minutes of talk time.

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Why Utilize Smart Lighting

When you have a high energy bill each and every month, this can do a number on your budget and hinder your ability to put away for savings. This is why it might be a good idea to think about using Gooee smart lighting options in your home. Smart lighting is different from anything you have probably used it in the past because it allows you to control the lights in your home from a smartphone or tablet device. You do not even need to be near your home in order to make use of this amazing feature that can be downloaded as an app.

One of the most important things about using smart lighting is that it can help you to save tons of money in the long run. Lots of people are actually switching to Smart lighting simply because it saves them lots of money each month and allows their electric bill to be less daunting. This is a professional company that you can work with in terms of getting smart lighting options that are amazing for your home as well as ways to lessen the amount that you spend on your electric every single month.

The New Brexit Coin Is A Sensation

Coin Invest Trust is a private company that is heading the printing of the Brexit gold coin. The coin is intended to commemorate the exit of Great Britain From The European Union on June 23, 2016. The historic event caused a temporary instability of the market which later leveled off after the shock waves spread. The initial vote to separate from the Union was one of the most historic times in the history of Great Britain. A small movement to separate turned into a full-scale movement. The decision to vote on the issue was presented due to the large amount of the population of Great Britain that were petitioning to separate for the European Union. Many felt that the vote would not be in favor of a split, so when the votes were counted there was shock and a near panic for the citizens of the country. The coins will be issued as three proof coins that are issued from the Cook Islands.

One of the coins is a twenty dollar gold coin as well as a gold five dollar coin and a silver dollar. The design on the coins features a Union Jack on the opposite side of the impression of Europe. The one dollar and the twenty dollar coin have a colored Union Jack. The image of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley is featured on the reverse side.

Weighing in at 3 grams, the silver dollar is 26 mm in diameter. There were 2,016 of those coins struck. The coins were reported to have all been purchased by August 5th. The five dollar gold coin has a weight of .5 g and is reported to be 11 mm in diameter. Only ten thousand pieces are to be created. For the twenty dollar coin, only 2,016 were made. It has 3.1 grams of gold and is 26 mm in diameter. There is currently not a designated distributor for the United States.

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Top Award Given For Fastest-Growing Companies

According to a recent online article on, Status Labs was ranked on Inc. magazine’s 500 List. It is a ranking of America’s quickest-growing private companies, says the article. It was named number 339 on the list because it experienced over 1000% growth for three years. Status Labs was also recognized as an excellent online reputation and public relations management firm. The company has tremendous influence on the marketing and public relations industries, the article states.

Darius Fisher is Status Lab’s President and CEO. With his guidance, the company increased its market position by creating a top client base and new digital services. Some of the clients include public figures and Fortune 500 companies, says the article.

In a quote, Fisher says that his company was honored to be named to Inc. 500 List of quickest-growing companies. He also says this honor represents an increased demand for strategic digital public relations, marketing, and SEO campaigns. It also shows how much people want digital reputation management. Fisher states that Status Labs will continue to expand and hire with an optimistic future.

The article says that Inc.’s 500 List represents the independent entrepreneurs of this country. They are an important segment of the American economy. Several other companies such as Yelp and Zillow got early exposure from being members of the Inc. 500, says the article.

Status Labs is a top public relations firm that manages digital reputation on online marketing for companies and public individuals. Their main office is in Austin; however, they also have offices in New York and Sao Paulo.

This company represents over 1500 clients in many different countries. Many top business publications as US News & World Report have profiled Status Labs. Not only have they been named to Inc. 500 List, but their CEO has been given several distinguished awards.

Mike Baur is a Great Supporter of Young Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a businessman turned entrepreneur. After earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne, Mr. Baur began a career in banking and worked in several Swiss Private Banks. He began his career at the apprentice level and through hard work and determination to succeed; he worked his way up the banking ladder to executive board member, where he remained for several years, including Clariden Leu and Sallfort.


 Baur left the banking industry after more than 20 years and began investing in start-up companies. He was effective as a supporter for assisting entrepreneurs out of the gate and onto the road of success, but he decided he could offer a solid and more professional entrepreneurial program through an established accelerator entity.


At age 39, Baur put on his entrepreneurial hat and founded the Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF) with two business partners, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, in 2014. The goal of the SSUF is to provide talented, young, thriving digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland a platform that offers guidance through a business driven process and environment with ambitious goals and the appropriate milestones to measure achievement.


The SSUF, through Mike Baur’s business and entrepreneurial savvy and guidance has become the number one privately financed and independent start-up accelerator in Switzerland. Mr. Baur not only supports a variety of Swiss start-ups financially, but as a mentor to the youths that participate. He gives them the benefit of his experience and adds a great deal of encouragement for good measure.


The SSUF holds a three month accelerator program where the Factory provides coaching, mentoring and financial assistance, as well as office space in downtown Zurich and access to an investor and entrepreneurial network with a variety of like minded individuals who can share experience and connections. The program gives the participants a solid foundation of business experience that will help them all set ambitious goals and succeed in achieving them.

At the beginning of 2016, Baur was named managing deputy director for CTI Invest when SSUF entered into a partnership with CTI. Baur also was the leader for SSUF through an accelerator program with Goldback Group and formed a partnership with Fintech Fusion in 2016.

Benefits Of Video Visitation For Inmates

Are you tired of spending the time to travel to the jail or prison and wait in long lines? Would you like to conveniently schedule your visit from the comfort of your own home? Do you want your relative to feel like they’re home with you, even when they are unable to be?

There’s nothing quite like Securus Video Visitation, which allows you to see your loved one in person. It is not always convenient visiting your incarcerated relative at the jail or prison, however, you can easily stay in touch through video visitation.

There are many companies out there that offer inmates communications service, including video visitation but you’ll need to choose a company that has an established history of providing outstanding service to families and their loved ones. When it comes to choosing a reputable inmates communications service provider, particularly video visitation, look no further than Securus – a top rated video visitation service provider to jails, prisons and other correctional facilities across the country.

At Securus, you will find staying touch with a loved one to be a simple process. By providing convenient, inmate communication services and encouraging strong family relationships, Securus hopes they can make it a little easier to stay connected.

If there is no way to travel to the facility or you simply don’t feel like going through the inconvenience, then Securus Video Visitation is a great option for you.

With Securus Video Visitation, I was able to talk face-to-face with my incarcerated loved one from the comfort of my own home. In fact, when you can’t be at the jail or prison facility, Video Visitation is the next best thing.

You will then have your request approved by your relative’s jail or prison facility. This is a simple process and features a convenient calendar function. Different correctional facilities may have different availability, duration and rates for video visits.


Securus Technologies

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