The Concerns Of Ends Citizens United Towards A More Transparent Political Environment

As broadcasted by Alabama Political Newshound on Wednesday, the Democratic aspirant, Doug Jones is now being supported by the Ends Citizens United to run for the United States Senate. Ends Citizens United is both a government and military organization located in Washington, District of Columbia. It was launched in 2015 and is sponsored by grassroots donors. Doug is a former attorney in the Supreme Court of the United States and will be vying against Roy Moore in the Alabama special elections. Mr. Doug stated in his manifesto that if elected he would strive at bringing change to Big Money, the political finance sector in Washington.

Ends Citizens United is a political movement aiming at mending the political system by voting titleholders who are channeled towards amending the irregularities facing campaign finance department. This is believed to be an achievement alongside the help of Jones while in office. Additionally, they are also concerned with coming up with better practices concerning polling standards during elections. With all these being done, they are hoping that they accomplish consistent and unlimited transparency in the political finance sector shortly. This political action committee also aims at working closely with the voted in conquerors in the finance sector so to successfully achieve their goals in the next election. These anticipated polls are expected to take place on the 17th of December, 2017.

Of great importance is their excellent opinion of making the matters affecting money in politics known countrywide to engage the normal citizens in national issues. Moreover, they are also striving at using their membership from grassroots accordingly to exercise maximum political power on the issue currently at hand.

Their need for bringing change in politics has made them popular on various social media platforms with booming news on how they have helped various politicians in the United States make great steps towards their long-lived political goals. An example is how they tireless motivated and pushed Hillary Clinton into winning the elections in 2016 where she vied as a president with a Democratic ticket. Despite her losing to President Donald Trump, she is still very grateful for the help that Ends Citizens United gave her whereby they helped fuel her campaigns.

This political movement gains internet fame by raising $4 million cash hoping that more of their Democrat aspirants get voted into Congress. This was with the aim of having many of their members in parliament. Indeed, the political movement has helped reform the handling of finances in their political government hence giving their Democrat members higher chances of being represented in the United States government. The movement is expected to further shape the United States politics into being more transparent. The overall goal is to make the residents of the U.S. enjoy good leadership.