The successful career of Oren Frank

Technology has changed the way of life of many people. Through it, a vast number of inventions have successfully been brought to life. Oren Frank is an accomplished entrepreneur that has brought therapy to a new level through the effective online therapy platform that he launched. Together with other partners of Talkspace, he has eased people off their problems by bringing therapist closer to their doors. The online therapy platform seeks to connect people to experts who handle their mental illnesses besides offering them with the best services to live better lives as well as conduct ethical behaviors. View Oren Frank’s profile at linkedin.

Through Talkspace, Oren Frank has created job opportunities for many people. The firm also flaunts a great team of experts who have continued to handle the various issues laid on the table by their clients. The company recently hired a chief medical officer that is also an expert in therapy and other health-related issues. Neil Leibowitz has served great roles in many other health-related companies including UnitedHealth. He is among the most respected health practitioners in the country and his ability to critically evaluate the conditions of his clients has enabled him to solve their health issues within the shortest time possible fully. The medical officer will prescribe the right medications to his clients based on the issues they lay out.

Through his twitter account, Oren Frank seeks to encourage his clients to be bold enough to seek the services of the companies therapists as it is through airing out their issues that they can get immediate help for a better life. Additionally, the entrepreneur also seeks to ensure that every individual gets access to the online therapy platform by making it affordable and easily accessible regardless of the total income of people. Talkspace plans to continue saving the lives of people through advancing its operations by adopting an innovation.

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