TMS Health Solutions Contribution to People with a mental health condition

TMS Health Solutions is a mental health care center launched in 2007 and was located in California. TMS was founded by Brad Hummel and Richard Bermus whose main aim was to help the ailing mental people as well as creating awareness among other members of the society. The company has its headquarters located in San Francisco Bay Area. The health center offers a wide range of services including psychiatry services, depression management counselling among many other.

TMS Health Solutions has employed a group of experts to help all their patients at individual levels. All the employees are compassionate, dedicated to providing comprehensive health care services. Their primary aim is to help patients that are resistant to medication. Over the years TMS Health Solutions have been recognised to be the leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy services to the patients. TMS has been approved by FDA to be legal and hence has the permit to serve people with a mental health condition.

TMS Health Solutions patients benefit much since insurance carriers cover it hence they offer high standard services at relatively affordable prices. TMS has helped thousands of people to get relief from depression without necessarily talking medication.

TMS Health Solutions has established a Depression screening Day where the company uses advanced methods to diagnose their clients. The patients are provided with a questionnaire so that the doctor can understand the medication or strategy to use to diagnose the patient. Google supported this questionnaire project by introducing the form online where people can give their views or even explain their symptoms.

TMS Health uses a unique method to treat Mental illness. They use MRI- Strength which is a magnetic field that alters the brain activity hence relieving stress. This method has minimal side effects compared to anti-depressants and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

The Chief medical doctor Richard Bermudes is very innovative and strives to ensure that TMS Health is more improved to serve a wide range of clients internationally. They plan on improving the TMS system as a method of treating depression. This contribution will help many people to manage their mental status.