Working With Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a family owned business that was founded in 2008. In the short time Aloha Construction has been operating they have completed over 20,000 projects. Aloha Construction is now run by a man named Dave Farbaky, who is proud to keep the business within the family. Aloha Construction is currently working for customers in Illinois and Wisconsin. Aloha Construction also runs Aloha Restoration Co. This article is going to tell you a little bit about both companies.


This company not only employs construction workers, but it also employs supervisors in the field, inspectors, office staff, specialist in claims, and many others. This company offers jobs for many people in their field. Aloha Construction makes sure that their workers are hard working and provide honest relationships with customers.


Aloha Construction works hard to quickly deliver service to their clients. Aloha Construction offers many different services including roofing repair and replacement, installing house siding, fixing gutters, putting in windows, and they even offer free property inspections. Aloha Restoration Co offers services such as water cleanup, removing mold, home remodeling, and even carpet cleaning! Anything you may need done around your house, they offer it.


At Aloha Construction, the team is committed to providing customers with the most top quality work they can offer. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction. Aloha Construction is dedicated to provided the most timely work they possibly can. If you are looking for a great construction company to do some work around your home or if you are building a house and you are in the Illinois or Wisconsin area, check out Aloha Construction!

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  1. My parents have worked with Aloha construction with they did a pretty nice work. We had some sort of family get together and then things went out of hands. It was not what we had expected but most times, things you never plan for do occur. I think I like this site with this awesome article about Aloha, really interesting reading about them again after their outstanding service at place. I have thought to myself, I am going to give them good ratings whenever I come across their articles.

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